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Chemo after Esophogectomy

Hockey Wife
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Hello, this is my first post, but I have followed all of you for sometime. My husband (46 yrs) was dx last May with aden 2b. Esophogectomy went great, path showed that RT & Chemo pushed tumor back to a T2, but 1/37 nodes came back positive. We opted to do do 6 months post chemo to give us the best shot at a cure, or at least lots of years! Chemo is killing him (7 out of 12 treatments done) wondering if we should just stop. I told him it cant be my decision and I will support him on whatever he want. Both very confused and would love input! Thank you! Janet Hockey Wife & Mother

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Welcome, I had positive node after my surgery and started the chemo back. Two weeks after treatment started I developed a blood clot  in the jugular vein, so the dr. removed the port and said I couldn't have any more chemo because it was destroying my body. I walked out of his office, feeling like it was a death sentence.  When I had my next test I was cancer free. I just had my Five year anniversary and I'm considered cured (yaaaa)I started the journey stage T3N2Mo, at the age of 64. I had chemo but no radiation.

Everyone does differently. I respect  the way you are handling it and letting him make decisions.I always asked my husband and family to allow me to do that also.

Praying for him,


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I also had one node infected following surgery.   So chemo was suggested for three months.  After two months , I was not handling it well, complications with de-hydration,  low blood counts,  extreme fatigue , kidney,etc.   So oncologist stopped the chemo,  thought the risk of going on was not worth it.   I have my yearly scan this month,  hopefully I remain NED.   That would be three years and counting.   Good luck and God Bless....



DX 2/10

IL 3/10 

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My post operative pathology showed one positive node of the twenty two removed and my surgeon recommended adjuvant chemotherapy. My oncologist recommended six rounds of cisplatin and epirubicin, with 24/7 5 FU via personal infusion pump. I completed the six rounds (18 weeks) with a one week break from the 5 FU due to severe mouth sores. So far my scans have been NED.

I know it is difficult to keep going when you are wondering if the chemotherapy is really necessary or making a significant difference, but I am glad I finished and did all I could to improve my survival chances.

 Best Regards,

Paul Adams

McCormick, South Carolina

DX 10/2009 T2N1M0  Stage IIB - Ivor Lewis Surgery  12/3/2009 - Post Surgery Chemotherapy 2/2009 – 6/2009

Cisplatin, Epirubicin, 5 FU - Three Year Survivor 

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If you go to Sloan or MD Anderson, you will quickly find out that there is no recommendation for post-op chemo. That is what the sugery is for.

The new treatment protocol is:

4 rounds chemo, bring you back for a scan, then chemo and radiation, then sugery. No post-op chemo for any reason unless a recurrence.


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I had 5 1/2 weeks combined chemo and Proton Radiation then an 8 week break beofre Ivor Lewis Surgery.  The radiation Oncologist wanted to do a Pet Scan after radiation but my insurance would not approve it unless it was at least 12 weeks since last treatment and mine would not have been.  Surgeon said I really didn't have to have it that he would take care of any remaining cancer with IL Surgery.  I had surgery Nov 2012 and will have a CT scan May 2013


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