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Up at 3:00 am, husband is nauseous & vomiting-HELP!?

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It's me again....for those of you who don't know, I'm new to the site. My husband Jason was just diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer (upper right side is where the tumor is) & possible met on his liver. It's after 3:00 & he is very nauseous & has vomited 2 times, not a whole lot either time though. He says he feels so full that it's making him nauseous. Have any of you experienced this? I'm really worried. He has a dr's appt. at 10:00 am, but should I take him to the ER or is this relatively common? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Kris

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Sorry he had a tough night. I cant remember from your other post...is he blocked. Is he still able to go? My mom had a blockage yrs ago...not cancer related..and she was vomiting all night until i insisted she go to the hospital. Did things settle down or did you end up in the er? Hope he just had too much super bowl snacks! Any time you are in question..remember there is always someone on call at your husbands docs office. We avoided a trip to the er by calling the oncall and talking things thru. I find it kind of hard not to panic with each issue.

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It could be an obstruction...especially if the pain comes and goes, and stops for awhile after he has vomited.

If you have insurance, it should cost just a co-pay....

Better safe than sorry, I say....my one complete blockage earned me a 4-day hospital stay....

PLEASE keep us updated!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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He had a diagnosis of a tumor in his colon, and is nauseous and has vomited?


If he’s still in the same shape now, take him to the ER ASAP. A –total- blockage is nothing to fool with if the tumor hasn’t been removed! If the blockage is total, the intestine can rupture, causing problems I won’t go into now.


Blockages can be managed after the colon is clear of any tumors, but even then, a –total- blockage can be dangerous if not resolved in a short amount of time.


Prior to surgery, he should make sure the surgeon has a WOCN (wound/Ostomy nurse) mark the spot where a stoma would best suit him, just in the event one is necessary. Doing that will make his life much easier in the event he requires an Ostomy.


Good luck, and best hopes for you both!



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I hope you post an update. We are all concerned about each other here, and that helps us with the battle.

I am kind of hoping you took him to the ER. I had a total blockage, and you don't mess with it at all. Better safe than sorry. 

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