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The after tx "Turkey Gobbler"... : )

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Hi Folks,

I didn't know how else to explain this hanging thing under the chin after treatment. We're calling it the "turkey gobbler" right now...LOL. 

Any advice about this disappearing or trying to tighten it up?

Just curious if this is another gift that keeps on giving? Laughing

~Cureitall (Cris) 

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I posted a message back in 2010 explaining a simple stretching exercise and gentle massage that my Physical Therapist taught me. It is listed in the Super Thread, but I will link it for you. Give it a try, it may take a few weeks before you see any improvement.


My Best to You and Everyone Here

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Thanks for passing that along. I will print it off and give it a try!


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3 or 4 weeks after treatment ended....it lasted for a couple of months and now it's gone.  I was going to go to a lymphodema therapist, but never got around to making the appointment....it just went away on it's own.


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D Lewis
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Turkey neck!  Your name is a bit more colorful.  Subsides with massage and time. Or not.


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Another new member to the Turkey Neck Club....

Like mentioned, it'll go away for the most part within 6 - 12 months. It's from the lymphatic fluids path for drainage getting hosed from the rads...

Massage will help (tell the man to thank me if you do the massage, LOL)...


Eventually new paths will open up, or old ones will heal...


Next on his agenda will probably be L"Hermette's Syndrom/Symptom...


That sensation of electric shock running down the body, arms and legs when you bend your head forward slightly touching your chest... Another temporary gift of radiation...

Best ~ John

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He says he likes your idea of the massage.... (thanks alot buddy)...LOL. 

Interesting about the lymphatic fluid paths .... ( he likes the word "hosed" that you used...LOL!! That is one of his favorite words he uses on a regular basis!!)

Wow! Can't wait for the "electric shocks". Makes a person want to go back for more...NOT! 

Anyways, thanks for the tippsters....Smile



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Thank you so much John for mentioning about the electric shock. I thought it was from something else because I just noticed that happening about a week ago and I am three months out of tx . So good to know it will probably be temporary ! Don't know what I would do without this board! Thank you again , Peggy

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Yes I still have my gobbler appear depending on the day.  And I'm out over a year from surgery.  It's lymph fluid build up.  The excersises work....to channel it a different route out of this area.  But I was just in and the doctor squeezed the area that keeps coming back....and I said and ?   I have a different dx though, and maybe will fight this myself forever.  My face ( cheek) and neck are still numb also.  Hope the excersises work for it !    Katie 

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Yes, he had it too first three months after tx. Especially because he was in the bed most of the time, so gravity helped a lot to it. Then, I found some excersizes on this page and he started doing them everyday and he did not lay in bed all day any more. Then suddenly "turkey neck" almost completely dissappeared. He is now 4,5 months post tx and occasionally still doing those excersizes.

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I to have the turkey neck, seems better than it was but still there.   I guess at 56 years old a turkey neck is not that far off cancer or not.  I just try not to trip over it. LOL

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Well...sounds like we're not alone with this new appearance. Thanks for the tips and comments. He's hoping

it will go away. Me, I like to grab onto it and say "gobble, gooble"... (for some reason he doesn't find it very amusing that I do that..lol)

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My husband also has the so called turkey neck. He went to therapy for it and the therapist as taught me some of the massage techniques to help the fluid drain. We also were told that new lymphatic channels will eventually develop to reroute the fluid. Every couple of days I  massage the area.  Some days the swelling is worse than others. 


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So I clicked on this the other day and was thinking I was going to read a post about finally getting to enjoy a Thanksgiving Dinner! ~lol~

But it's about "Old Lady Chins" ;)  Oh joy... another thing I have to look forward to!


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You will still enjoy your Thanksgiving Dinner by Thanksgiving! Laughing

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