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re: stage 4 cancer metastasised to lungs

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Note: I have posted this in the Peritoneal cancer forum but doctors said this is pretty much identical to ovarian cancer so I am also posting it on this forum as well.

Hello everybody,

My mum, who is 58, was diagnosed with Primary peritoneal carcinoma stage 4 in August 2012. Initially, we took her to the hospital because she couldn't breath properly. Turns out she had pleural effusion in her right lung. After draining litres of fluid and suspecting it might my TB, eventually they found out it was cancer. With further tests they found out specifically it was PPC stage 4 metastasised to her lung. The initial plan was to give her 3 chemos (carbo/taxol) and if the cancer has shrunk then a surgery and then 3 more chemos to kill of any leftovers. After her 3 chemos the cancer in her ovary did shrink ALOT and the fluid never came back but NO change in her lungs according to the CT scan. She also lost most of her 3ft long beautiful hair. The doctors did say early on that her cancer cells found in her lungs are very thin and so can't do a surgery there. So only chemo could kill it off. So they gave her 3 more chemos but this time they added avastin with it. Did another CT scan last week and there is no change in the lungs whatsoever. The ovary is doing fine. Her overall CA-125 is 14 at the moment (it started off with about 250).

So the doctors said they will not perform a surgery on her (EVER) which we are saddened by because this means there's no chance of "curing" the cancer. They plan to give her 3 more avastin by itself. Mum is also scared they will stop giving her any more chemo after this and just give up but I don't think they will stop. (We have to ask them this the next time we see them in the clinic).

In the meantime any extra informartion will be great. I mean has anybody had a situation where the cancer cells in the lungs won't go down with chemo like my mum, has anybody survived years without surgery? Any info will be much appreciated.


Kind regards,



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I'm so sorry that your mum has joined the cancer "club" but I'm glad you have found your way to our board.  I myself am not in the situation where there are mets to the lungs but other women may chime in with specific information for you.  In the meantime, I'm glad that your mum's CA 125 is in the normal range and I hope that the avastin does what it's supposed to do.  I, like you, don't think that the doctors will stop her chemo after the avastin.  Your mum has the right to fight this and nobody knows, including doctors, how long any of us will live.  I've learned that many doctors' predictions of length of life have been proven wrong time and again by survivors who post on CSN.

Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers to you and your mum.



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Welcome to the board!  My mom has had mets to the lungs since she was first diagnosed 2.5 years ago.  While in the hospital they used Cisplatin which cleared thigs up nicely.  Currently she is taking Doxil---has had one treatment.  Her ovarian ca is under control---but unlike your mom, her CA-125 is going up.  I think it is early in the game for your mom and still more chemos to explore.  How is her quality of life?  My mom just shoveled the driveway of snow and is feeling good despite the numbers/lung tumors. 

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Thank you for the message Wendybill.. I hope your mum is doing well. Ohh, we are in the UK and they are only giving her caboplatin/taxol and avastin atm. Yhh it is quite early i suppose. Her quality of life is surprisingly good, she can cook etc (although when she's had her chemo she doesn't get out of bed for atleast a week). But she isn't optimistic at all which makes it hard sometimes but I know it must be scary for her. Ahh glad your mum's able to move around too. I really hope things go well for her in the future! 


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