Surgery after Chemo

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My mother was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer in August 2012. A PET/CT showed abnormally increased metabolic activity on gastric wall thickened in a diffuse manner in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen and in the multiple lymph nodes in the perigastric area and upper abdomen, in the multiple intraperitoneal mass lesions in the abdomen and pelvis, in the periphery of liver and spleen and and in the left supraclavicular lymph node, in left internal mammarian chain. We were told that most likely related to malignant tissue. We were also told her case was not operable - only chemo was prescribed.

After 3 months of chemo (3 courses), we went for a control scan and we were told that 90% of the cancer has gone - only a tiny bit left on the wall of the stomach - nothing else at all.  We are now in the process of doing 3 more months of chemo and then we have to go for another scan. My mum is 68 years old and although her chemo is very strong she is managing it relatively well.

Does anyone know if surgery would be possible if she maintains the result or even better if she chieves a complete remission? Can stomach cancer be downstaged? Does anyone else have a similar experience?

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    Surgery after Chemo

    Hi ADE; First sorry to hear about your mother. I would sure look around for a good Surgeon, as I see no reason that she could not have it removed. Remember that most Oncologyst will want to do Chemo, you need to see a Surgeon and get his/her take on it. Not knowing where you are, but my Surgeon, Dr. Ben would more then likely do it. Praying for the best for your mother. Robley