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SuperThread Fix....

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Just wanted to let everyone know that the SuperThread will be fixed soon... Actually I already have other than a few dead links....

With the new format on posting, Dawn tried to check in and post something, when she saved it, the thread format got hosed.

I asked if she minded if I took it over as I originally helped her a little in the beginning with some HTML...


And a little additional history...

When Dawn (Sweetblood22) originally constructed the SuperThread, she did the entire thread, links and all from her iPhone...., she had no reliable working computer or internet access...talk about tedious...


Anyways, I fixed the SuperThread in a new thread called SuperThread ~ Contributed by SweetBlood22...just waiting for Greta to lock it, and pin it to the top, removing the old thread.

Dawn gave me permission to maintain it and make updates again.

She has had a really hard time with maintaining it, going through some own battles and just the loss of some very close friends from here over the last year or so.

I told her I'd take care of it, and whenever she was ready or wanted it back it was hers...

She just wanted you all to know that the SuperThread is her way of giving back...hopefully to make it a little easier to find information than she had when first starting this battle....

Please don't post anything on the SuperThread I started as a clean thread is better left without replies...




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In case Sweetblood doesn't get to view the board soon, please pass it along to her that we all appreciated what BOTH of you and Greta have done to supply us with all this information.

My Best to Everyone Here

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Posts: 8286
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Thanks brother, I sure will....


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Thanks you two.. Superthread is such a great resource in one place. I have used it many times. Great job


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