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Some days I should just stay in bed !

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Hi everyone,

I had a pretty big scare today.  After such a wonderful visit w/my ENT yesterday.  I had severe chest pains that radiated down the left arm.  I thought what.....no way this can't be happening.  So I went to the hospital for an EKG, and of coarse the enzyme test.  Came back all normal (I was so relieved) no signs of heart attack.  They said I could have passed a small clot, that didn't seem to cause any damage.  Also say I have inflamation in the chest wall, including around the heart.  Holy moly.....rocky was I scared, the pain was extreme !  This sometimes is a result of the lung surgery I had back in December.  Will stay on pain medication, advil for inflamation and now adding an asprin daily.  Was told to return if this pain reoccurs....praying it won't !  I consider myself very lucky with my medical teams....but hate hospital stays.  Will be seeing my thorasic guy next Wed., my local hospital faxed all info down to them tonite.  I hope everyone has a good weekend....as I will defineately be enjoying my good news on no heart problems !     Katie

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Glad you're ok! I know ALL about heart problems and no, it's not fun and hurts like hell! Best to be checked out thoroughly by a cardiologist especially if you had chemo. Chemo drugs are hard on the heart. I've already been told a cardiologist will be a big part of my team should I need chemo along with the rads. 

relax and take it easy and don't hesistate to head immediately back to the ER should you feel the chest pain coming on again!


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I read your bio. You have been through so much crap. I'm so glad this turned out not be a heart attack.

Last year, I had this weird funky named thing in my chest which was a type of inflammation. No known cause, lasts 3 weeks, naproxyn for pain, and don't cough. It got better. I got better.

I believe my hubby was in W. Virginia on family business a few years ago  when he had his first heart attack. The second was a few days later in Kentucky at my daughter's, so I wasn't present for either. A couple of months later, he woke up during the surgery for the placement of his first pacemaker/defib. I guess the pain from testing the unit about blew him off the table.LOL So he definitely doesn't want that thing to go off again. Of course, it will save his life if it does.

In my case, I think it's a money thing with the latest doc that I've seen. He's all into blood tests, pee samples, and ekg's. Last year he told me he wasn't that good with ekg's, so sent me on to my hubby's cardio for a second ekg, carotid artery doppler test, echocardiogram , and stress test. Ever tried running on a treadmill with cowboy boots on. Don't try this at home. It's hilarious. Anyway, the bottom line is my heart and arteries are fine. Can't quite get it through his head, my problem is STRESS. That's OK, we have a pill for that. Oh really, will that make my sressful situation go away? I think not. Of course, that's my personal preference not to drug myself up. I'm not the one in physical pain.

Now this year, all of a sudden, he's the EKG King and wants me to repeat all those same tests. I politely declined.  I think I'll look for another doctor, also.

Here I am rambling again. You are one tough lady. Please take care of yourself.



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I laughed so hard when I read your post about the treadmill.  Thank you !  With everything you're going through I'm glad I heard this in your post.  My kid sister mentioned something about doing a stress test....and I laughed there too.  I told her good lord you do want me dead.  I have right around 32% lung function now.  (I didn't mean it - she worries so much about me)  You know I wasn't wanting to go in.....in fact I cried and said Lord really this old body of mine can't take too much more.  But of coarse the kids (all grown) and hubby had different ideas.  Thanks for poping in on this one.  I really appreciate it !    Katie 

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Thank you for the advice !  I didn't have chemo, but alot of heart problems in the family.  So once I get through all the rechecks on my surgery and dx I will probably touch base with a cardiologist.  I have had tachycardia (fast pulse) since I was 23 from graves disease.  (thyroid problem)     Katie

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...and of course heart attack would be the first thing anybody would think of...left arm hurting, chest pains....gawd almighty!  "passed a small clot"....how comforting that must have been to hear Yell...not!  I'm grateful you are ok, and that this is probably caused by the surgery...we all should probably be taking an aspirin a day anyway if we're over 50....right?  And now you've had your base line cardiac stuff done....something I've put off for 62 years....LOL.


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You are certainly in the top of your class with all that you have been through (I say that with respect) ....and if there is one thing I know from your posts, you are one tough person....I have been enjoying your good news as of late...and you are still on my prayer list :)

I've got a small issue myself going lately ...maybe you can say a prayer or two for me now and then as well.... :)



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As I read your post I said a prayer immediately.  I haven't read anything.....are you o.k. ?  Now I have to re-read the post's.  If I missed something I'm so sorry !  I'm good, just a hick up along this trip I'm on.  I don't think I ever had this whole past two years on my top 10 list of things to be doing in my 50's.  Let me know you're doing o.k., you're such an inspiration and strenghth to us all !  Thank you !   Katie

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Oh Phrannie,

I never want to go through that again....it hurt soooo bad.  And I have a high thresh hold for pain, or use to.  If it was a small clot it kinda makes sense, as I spit blood up for the first 2 weeks after surgery.  Nope this isn't normal.   And once I start feeling a little normal I'm back to doing house work....and driving long distances.  The U is over 100 miles from us.  Doc. said to slow down and heal.   My hubby can't drive as he's legally blind and I've been so damn independent for over 15 yrs. on taking the bull by the horns and never asking for help.  Well this scare kinda put the brakes on this idea.  I'm o.k. thoiugh, thank you !   Katie

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I thought your big scare was the rumor I was coming to visit and then you tell me you may have passed a blood clot.  My dear Katie you are going to give me a heart attack.  I am so glad you are better and I will pin my hopes on this being a one time incident after all they said “no heart problems”.


You are an important participant to this forum, adding the civility which on occasion seems to evade some of us when lines get crossed.  Please have a restful week-end and prepare for all good news on future appointments.


Your Oregon buddy,



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If you're coming for a visit bring the entire bus here on board and I'll take you all ice fishing on Mille Lac's.  Everyone better pack the old long underwear though...it's cold.  Seriously thank you !  I received a pretty good scare, and it made me realize how short life can really be.  We fight so hard to get back to a resemblence of our new normal.  Maybe it was a cosmic message....or wake up call for me to just breathe.  I am so happy I found all you on this H/N site, you bring my problems into perspective.    Katie

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Glad everything was okay Katie. You have a good wkend too


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