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Good News today

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We got the news we wanted to hear today, NED never sounded so good.  Now hubby just has to hope a lot of the other issues will dissipate in due time.  The oncologist did tell him the eye sight will not improve so we will be off for a new pair of glasses.  Hope all the newbies are hanging in there, the tx was tough yet we are glad it's behind us, no pun intended.


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I well remember what a relief it was to hear NED the first time.  I am four years post treatment and am scheduled for my annual checkups with chemo and colorectal doctors in May.  Please tell you husband not to expect everything to be back to normal.  The healing takes time.  Even with that there may be some permanent changes in his life. 


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I am so glad to hear this!  Congratulations to your husband and you!  Healing will take some time, so just hang in there!

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Hallelujah!  This is soooo good!

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Those are some seet words to hear.  Congratulations!

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Congrats! What a relief! Interesting, your comment about eyesight. Mine seems to have gotten worse also. Need to get that checked out. So glad for you and your hubby on your good news....

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The oncologist stated that it was quite common to have some eye sight issues due to the chemo, seems he took credit for that one. 


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First, congratulations to your husband and you for the good report.  

I am so appreciative of you mentioning the vision changes that he has experienced.  I thought that I was losing my mind recently as my vision has changed so much.  I actually went back to using a pair of glasses with a 2 or 3 year old prescription and found that to be better than the glasses I had gotten earlier this year.  I saw my oncologist today and that was one of the things I asked him about and he said the chemo can cause changes in the eyes but he also said to wait a couple more months before going to the optometrist for a new prescription, that the changes may abate in time.  It seems that there is always something new for me to learn.

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Congratulations to your husband on NED.  That is always music to the ears.  My eyesight became significantly worse and I had to get stronger lenses.  I didn't know that was a side effect of chemo but I wondered.

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So glad to hear. My eyesight changed dramatically too but I attributed that to my age. It is pretty common in any event. My last treatment was August 15th, 2011. The body is amazing. He will need more rest for a while and needs at the same time to stay active with exercises, walking, etc.

God bless you for going through this together. It helped my marriage. I have learned to advocate for myself and am learning to ask for what I need within my relationship and outside it also. I never knew how lacking in this ability I was until I had to ask for help while sick. We are both better off.



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