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Good news!!!!!

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Hey dear friends!!

My dad had his first CT on Wednesday, and today he got a written report!! I guess it all looks pretty much ok and my parents are just thrilled!! Actually when they got this report, Mom immediatelly called me, but when she read it to me, we were not completely sure what exactly does all this mean. So she called to te ONC hospital and although it is Friday she managed to get a doctor (it was not my father's doc but anyway) and she read the report to him. He said it is all ok, that we have nothing to worry about.

So the report says (I did not see it by myself yet, mom read it over the phone) that he has some mucosal thickening, which is due to postradiation side effects. Postradiation changes are also seen in pharynx and throat. No visible and convincible evidence of tumor localy. No evidence of any changes in area of big salivary glands. No evidence of any kind of metastatic changes in lung apexes. No evidence of any changes in shown skeleton.

Left, in area II, there's marginally enlarged lymph node 2x1 cm. In right thyroid lobus there is a small nodus.

Conclusion: No evidence of residual desease anywhere in pharynx or throat or big salivary glands. Marginally pathologycal node left in area II. Small nodus in right thyroid lobus. Next check-up on March 27th. Ultrasound of the neck will be discussed at that point.

So, when mom read this to me, I was worried about this "small nodus in right thyroid lobus" and "marginally pathological lymph node in area II". So my Mom called the ONC doctor who happened to still be there but does not know the history of my dad's desease, so he was very kind to actually want to listen to my Mom reading him this report. He said that this nodus in thyroid does not mean anything. Considering that lymph node it could mean that it is nothing or just inflamation or.... We'll see that in the end of March when dad is having another appointment, but for now all looks good. We were really happy to hear that!!!!!

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts, without all of you we would go much harder thru all this!!!! And forgive me on my translated english regarding upper report - it took me quite some time to find the right words from Slovene to English Sealed. I feel relaxed now, so do my parents.. But it still worries me a bit that "pathological lymph node... and that thyroid nodus"... Is this normal, are those just "hot spots" that will dissapear in time?

Sorry for this looooong post. Best to all of you!!!




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I am glad to hear you got good news.  I am sure your parents are relieved.

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thyroid finding is unrelated, probably just a cold nodule.  Follow up is expected, but there is nothing in this report to suggest problems.  Very fine.  Nice the oncologist took the time to talk the report over with you.  That doesn't always happen.



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Very good news, a time to relax and be grateful.


Keep getting better.



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I'm thrilled for your Father !  Your parents sound so much like mine did back in the day, sometimes I feel as if we lived in the same area.  You have been such a loving daughter through all of this.  Try to relax and enjoy the good news for today.  Please give your parents both a big hug from me.....and tell Dad job well done !  Have a wonderful weekend !    Katie

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Wow Venassa...that's as closeas you can get to NED. I too had 2 hotspots on my first post tx CT /PET ...onco man said it looked good the spots were not as hot as the original cancer and probably just radiation affects....turn out he was right on my next visit.


Now go get dad a cheeseburge to celebrate ...adn tell mom and dad I said hello...and delighted for his good repot!!




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Wonderful news, Vanessa!!  He went thru the mill after treatment....so every NED has to come with great relief!  How's he feeling now, is he getting more energy, and feeling less pain?  I sure hope so.  I love hearing about NED's....my fave letters in the alphabet.


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Yes, it's been such a relief. But it does bother me a little that thyroid nodule and that "hot" lymph node. I hope those are just hot spots that will disappear on the next check up. But it is true that he still has some pain in his throat, but is feeling a lot better. Now he is not in bed all day any more. Actually he is all day doing something, helping mom, sitting by computer... He laughs more now, and emotionally he is much better. But it is still difficult for him to eat, his food is still mixed and mostly pureed just to take it down the throat easier. He says that the pain is much much easier now, but it still hurts on the left area of throat (tongue) where the radiation hit him most. Now he is 4,5 months out of treatment. Recovery is really slow but every few weeks it is better.

I just talked to them yesterday and my mom admitted that without this board and you people we would never manage to go thru this alone. You gave us so much wonderful advice, encouragement, support, prayers and thoughts. Doctors never tell you anything - only those basics that you need to know. We also had a great help from a nutricionist who helped my dad go thru this without PEG.

Yesterday we were celebrating my husband's birthday and dad managed to eat some sausages and meat (like hamburger meat).

God bless to you all!!!

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So glad to hear the good news. We also had our first post treatment Ct last week and it came back clear. But, now we have a PET scan next month and of course I am alreay starting to have some nervous thoughts about it. But, live in the moment , which is what I am try to do, and enjoy this good news. i am very happy for you , your father and mother. God bless us all in this fight.


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Pam M
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Sausages and meat at five months out?  Great!  I love going to bed on a high note.

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Yes Great News. Now your dad can concentrate on getting his strength back etc. Recovery may seem slow, but patients do recover. One day at a time. Rick.

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Is spelled..well, LOL..OK means the same in any language......



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I'm sure you will soon be getting the clarification that you are wanting and it sounds like everything is looking good. Thank you for sharing your news with us all.


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