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6 Years out and NED

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Hi all. Haven't posted for a few years. I was diagnosed with stage 2a in August 2006. Had a resection and some chemo. stoped chemo less than 1/2 the way through as I got CDIF and was back in the hospital. I've had a colonoscopy each year except the last one. I'm getting one in the next couple of weeks. Just wanted to let you know there is life after colon cancer. I lost 40 pounds in the hospital and didn't gain it all back (which is a good thing). I eat healthier, exercise and feel great. It's tough being in the hospital with tubes going all through you but there is hope. All the best! Mark

Brenda Bricco
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Glad you are doing so well... go get'em. Wink

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Congratulations. Sounds like you took a negative experience and turned into into a positive. Keep up the healthy lifestyle. Stay healthy. Thanks for sharing.


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Congrats!!! May I have some information about your "I eat more healthier." Because I have heard about fight cancer with nutrient/food. My father was diagonosed with IIa two years ago, and gone through 6 Chemo one month later after surgery. He stayed in NED until last Oct. He had CT and was found a lung met (3.8 x 4.0 cm). He is now under Chemo and has finished 3 cycles. Thanks.

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After cancer I decided to watch what I eat a lot more than I had in the past. I watch the salt content of foods and don't add salt to anything. I watch the fat and try and eat a very low fat diet. I try and eat a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. I use soy milk rather than regular milk. I eat whole grain bread and black beans. I hope this helps...mark

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and thank you for your diet review. 

I know this is the perfect time for me to change my diet, but I find that during my good days, I go a little crazy. 

I'm on my third chemo, so I've still got time to get a grip on things. 

I am happy to hear that you are living a full and happy life NED. Keep it up, and be sure to post next year. 

So Worried
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Good for you!!  So so happy you are doing so well. If you don't mind me asking, what caused your Cdif?  Thank you. 

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Sounds like you can use the word "cured", which is fantastic!  Ann Alexandria

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Thanks for posting Mark!!  I very much appreciate hearing from folks like yourself!!  Keep living and luving life  Smile

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