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Outcome of PET/SC scan and another waiting game

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Not such great news from my husband's PET/CT scan.  Now we are awaiting the scheduling of two biopsies -- lung and at the cervical of the esophagus and a little ways down.  Specialist thinks that maybe the PET is wrong concerning the cancer dealing with the cervical of the esophagus and that it is only inflammation.  Radiation was thru 7/2 and he has already, in October, did a dilation and looked down his esophagus and everything was clear.  But reading the report talks about recurrence and further down the esophagus and a soft tissue mass.  With the lung there is a small tumor which has grown since the last PET in September and the only way to do the biopsy would be a needle due to the location and even then he isn't sure it can be done and the only other way would be to remove it by surgery and at my husband's age, I just don't know.   The only good news is that the laryngeal cancer is NED.

I read what others are going thru and can really understand all their concerns and problems and unless you are going thru it yourself, you just can't put yourself in their shoes.  This Cancer is terrible and the suffering and the financial problems that goes with it is just plain wrong and I don't care what the age of the person is.  We, as caregivers, suffer too and it is a shame that family and friends just don't understand or offer without being asked.  And the patient at times, to be perfectly honest, just doesn't understand either.

My wish to all on this site is health and happiness.  Sharon


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I can surely empathize with you.  Thanks for updating us on your husband's condition.  If you need someone to talk to feel free to pm me.


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