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Almost killed by chemo

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This is something I had happen to me recently, and I thought it may be useful to let others know. I had a baxter chemo bottle attached to my port, and somehow it got unscrewed. It must have been off for maybe 15 minutes, and I only noticed when one of my kids alerted me. By that time I found myself lying in a pool of blood. Considering it was only 15 mins to lose by my estimate 150ml of blood is not good. I hate to imagine what would happen if I had been asleep. Form now on I always make sure that a sticky tape is put over all connection points just to be sure.


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Wow. You were lucky. Happy that you're okay.


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That is terrifying! So glad your kids noticed and alerted you and things are okay. Whew! I just have never heard of this happening. It must not have been screwed on tightly. More important than the tape, I would watch to make sure the connectors are tightened each time. Best wishes for you.


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