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New numbers

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I got my new numbers today and my CEA dropped from 1706 two weeks ago down 1546 this week.  That's more than 400 since the all time high of 1984 a month ago!  Also, my magnesium level is finally in the normal range for the first time in I don't know how long.  We first started checking that in mid-May and it was dangereously low then.  With the exception of my alkiline phosphatase being very high (250) the rest of my blood work all lokks pretty good.

The surgery on my rectum is still set for the 11th, they couldn't get it bumped up any at all.  In the meantime, I have a topical ointment that doesn't do much good, oral morphine sulfate that also isn't doing much good (I have a high tolerance to opiates) and a muscle relaxant that is doing some good, but makes me very sleepy.  It's going to be a long two weeks and I'm still pleanty pissed off at how long this is taking.  My last surgeon in Flagstaff took care of it as soon as he could, which was the very first thing the next business day.

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So very glad to hear that the numbers are moving in the right direction at last!  A 22% decrease in a month is fantastic.

Wish there was something to be of more help with the pain you are experiencing.

Prayers coming your way for continued success with the numbers and good outcome from the surgery.


Marie who loves kitties

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This is good news, Doc! I hope it continues. I'm also thankful to hear that the muscle relaxer is helping you some. Have you talked to them about increasing your dose of morphine to meet your need for pain control? You should not have to live in pain. The pain control doctor at CTCA told my daughter that uncontrolled pain lowers your immunity and ability to fight cancer. Makes sense to me. My daughter's alkaline phosphatase stays high - it is currently 280. I know chemo can also cause this. Her doctor is not all that concerned about it, says as long as her AST and ALT and bilirubin are normal, she is not that concerned. I'm sure you'll be glad to get this surgery over with and get some relief. Best wishes for you.


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