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It has taken over 4 month to get my  medical records I finnally got them to email them I only got parts of it . It helps alittle . I hope mon to get the start of denture done. This last trip to the oral surgeon was no fun I am still in pain no fun. I have a new onco that is closer to me . On the 11th . Then the part they sent has on it i have thinning bones I dont they got that wrong. I cant wait to eat normal again. I just wish I have my quaility of life back.

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Praying you get your quality of life back too... 


Good luck and hugs!

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Thinking of you..



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Half the records are better than none but they should have sent you the whole thing.  Maybe they are not good record keepers.

Have you had a bone density test?  Is that why a record said you have thinning bones?

Wishing you luck with your new dentures and new oncologist.




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