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Titanium Plate after mandibulectomy

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Hello, I have a titanium plate in my lower jaw due to an inadvertent fracture of my jaw during the removal of the tumor  My tumor margins and subsequent lymph nodes removed were clear, so thankfully, I did not need radiation.  Is there anyone out there who can share with me how the plate has affected them?  I know I am very fortunate and do live with the risk of at some point having the plate give out (this is my 2nd due to screws loosening and a jaw infection) - but meanwhile, is there anyone who has had a plate long-term.  Ive only had mine since last year and I find that it ets cold as an ice cube during cold weather, I do have pain, cant chew a lot of things, etc.  Just need some encouragement.  Thank you

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I can't relate to what you're going through, but I can offer encouragement and prayers. This is a wonderful site, full of caring,kind people. Every day I'm humbled and amazed by the strength people fighting this evil disease has.

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I had jaw bone cancer removed in 2011 along with removal of teeth, lymp nodes out etc. and now 3 years later my titanium plate is broke in 2 places.  I'm told I will have to have plate removed what was your second surgery like, after screws came out of titanium plate?  What did they do

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I had a mandibulectomy in Jan 2012. I have a titanium link but they replaced my jaw with the fibula from my leg. I do have my original hinge. I've never had pain but have always had discomfort. 

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