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Our cruise: from disappointment to joy!

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The re-route on our cruise is FANTASTIC!!

Overnight in Haifa (instead of one day in Haifa, next day in Ashdod) means that we can do Israel on our own...even staying in Jerusalem if we so desire....no 'bed check' with the ship!!!


Hugs, Kathi

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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It would be so easy to be disappointed and put your energy into complaining...but no.  Our wonderful Kathi finds the positive in any situation.  I'm so glad you're enjoying the cruise!  Keep us posted. (I like to travel vicariously through you!)



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Some of us are on that cruise with you, albeit a virtual one but still we are there.

The best laid plans of mice and men.... one has to expect alterations, one just goes with the flow.

I once worked as a guide for cruise ships when they came into port where I live.  One man was such a curmudgeon and upsetting people, I finally bluted out, "your on vacation, lighten up, this is suppose to be fun, relax and you are not going to miss the tender back to the ship".  I could have rung his neck for upsetting people needlessly.  What a joy he must have been to live with and I had pitied his poor suffering wife.




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Like others, I am cruising there with you, and Hans -- of course, I am staying another room!  LOL

Sounds lovely, and a wonderful adventure ---

Vicki Sam

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*smile* still 21 days until we go...

Still plenty of time to fill my suitcases with all of you!!!!


Hugs, Kathi


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I've gained some weight, but I think I might be able to squish into a suitcase!  Have a great time with your love.

Hugs, Renee

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