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Need Input

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My husband had a PET scan yesterday as followup for the initial radiation/Zeloda regimen. Our onc told us there was "good response" on the primary tumor. However, there are now two Supraclavicular lymph nodes that look to be involved on the R side. It also showed sinusitis on the L side. He has had a miserable cold since the 1st part of Dec and started taking antibiotics ten days ago because of chronic inflammation in his R bronchial tube.

Our doctor's suggestion was to wait and rescan to make sure it was not an inflammatory response to cold/flu/bronchitis. But concluding it is probable EC Metastasis.  She said it could be biopsied. When I further questioned her about starting chemo, she said with just the lymph node she wasn't sure she would start it just yet. That if you use these agents early it may not have a response as more metasises appear. I then asked her about starting the Herceptin and never got a clear answer.

The chemo they would use is TAXOL & CARBOPLATIN


Any input on suggested plan of attack or chemo agents proposed would be much appreciated.  No information is insignificant to us so give us your all.

With much gratitude, Deb


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I dont know how, but I get e-mails from CancerNetwork that are more technical then I typically read but I noticed this artical today and though of your post.  I don't know anything about chemo since my husband did not have to have any being a stage one EC patiant.  So I didn't think I would have any info for you, but I do hope this helps.  I have attached the link and copy just the first paragraph below so you could get an idea if its something you want to read. 


Adding the chemotherapy docetaxel(Drug information on docetaxel) to active symptom control (ASC) in advanced esophagogastric adenocarcinoma improves survival of patients. These are the results of the phase III COUGAR-02 trial. Based on these results, presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2013 Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium, docetaxel should now be considered standard of care, according to the researchers.

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My sister has a friend who is a primary nurse for an oncologist. She said the oncologist was attending the ASCO conference you mentioned above. Apparently, it is quite a think tank and many new ideas come out of it every year that have proven very beneficial to cancer patients. Thank you for sending that info along. Very interesting.

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After my combined chemo and proton radiation the oncologist had ordered a PET Scan on me.  I have an HMO and they declined to cover a PET Scan unless it had been at least 12 weeks since Chemo/Radiation.  They said you could get false readings if shortly after treatment.  My Thoracic Surgeon and Oncologist said it was ok and they did not appeal to get one done since they were going to do Ivor Lewis Esophogectomy on me anyway.  Just something to consider if PET scan was done shortly after treatment. 


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It was 4 weeks

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Hello Justin,

I don't know if you are looking to learn about Femara for breast cancer or infertility purposes.  Either way, this board is focused on esophageal cancer and you are unlikely to find what you are looking for here.  Perhaps if you tried the breast cancer board there would be more folks familiar with Femara.  

Best Wishes & I Hope You Find What You're Looking For,


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