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A little worried

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I am a tad worried about David.  He didn't eat much yesterday and asked me not to hook him up to his feeds this morning.  Not that I have never seehe in queasy before, but he is acting very tired and said he feels strange.  I miss the days when I could just write this off to a stomach bug.  I try not to excessively worry, but sometimes it is really hard.  He is also complaining of dry eye now.  If its not one thing it's another.  

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Good Morning!

I know when Dan was getting his chemo's that he was getting corticosteriods, and each week, I'd see superman come out in him and then that burst of energy would be gone, and Dan would be more tired Than the week before. I don't know if this could be the same thing or not. If his chief complaint is queasy.. Sounds familiar to me.

Re member we pay these doctors dearly..  If you are concerned, I bet one would gladly call you back.

meanwhile, I'll say a little prayer, I hope this feeling passes quickly for you both.

Hugs, Kari

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Prayers with you....

Maybe later when he's been up a little you can try something room temperature, light and liquid to get some calories in... Sometimes when you don't feel well you don't wnna eat, the less you eat, the worse you feel....

Even if he gets something in and it comes up, you do get some benefit from it.

Prayers with you both...



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then even the tube feedings would seem to be too much.  Is this the first time he's asked you to skip his feeding? 

As for the dry eyes, chemo can do that....and he's getting some high powered stuff.  I was told to use the Visine formula for dry eyes by my Ocologist (I'm still having trouble with my eyes)....It can't hurt anything, and may make him more comfortable.


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Something new every time you turn your back.  I know with my Mom we split meals up into 6-10 times a day.  But she was eating by mouth through chemo.  Small amounts sometimes a spoonful at a meal.  You two are in my prayers my friend every single day.  Phrannie's advice is good on the dry eyes...I use otc drops.  Winter is pretty harsh and dry around here.  Hope things turn around soon for David.  Hugs sent !   Katie 

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I know it's not the same every day with eating. Some days their hungry and the next they won't eat enough for a bird, it seems. Try not to worry about that unless it becomes an everyday feeling for him. I believe as others that the dry eyes are from the Chemo. We've had the same experience and wondered what may be doing it.

Your doing well with your care for David. Don't forget yourself too.


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I can remember not wanting to feed and or do much of anything I knew I should have been doing on several occasions, and also begging my wife on more than one occasion (when at my darkest time) to overload me with my Dentanyl and let me be. I say all of this as at times we will act goofy, irrational, ETC. see if you can reason with David for a day or two, chances are he will come around, if not maybe mention defied at home or we go back to the hospital. That always worked for my wife.

Hang in there, and know we all have your back.


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