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Lung nodules stage 4

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Hello all, I am new to the forum and need help.

Have been diagnosed with stage 4 rectalcancer ,solitary liver met a year ago. Had rectal/ liver resection with clear margins.

Had 3 lung nodules from the beginning, stayed stable ( 6-7 mm) on xelox 12 . Was on avastin/ xeloda maintanance for 3 monthsm and just found out that all 3 grew, largest is 1 cm and there are 2 new little ones 3 mm.

Very overwhelming. Will see thoracic surgeon in a few days. Oncologist wants to start Folfiri. Anyone in similar situation? What about surgery, ,cyber knife or RFA? I feel fine physically and want so bad to beat this or atvleastvprolong life as long as possible

Thank you for any information, suggestions and support


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The best way to prolong life is to keep having the little buggers surgically removed. Each surgery will buy an average of six months. Seems like they are at a manageable size. RFA or cyberknife should be easy. Good luck with the surgeon.

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I've taken many doses of Folfiri and it has kept my plural crc tumor in check, so much that it has been the same size for 3yrs, and I've not been on chemo since Oct.2011. Doctors are know starting to think that the plural tumor is dead because of the lack of activity. So, chemo can work, don't rule it out. However, the sure fire way is to surgically remove them..

Good luck and dont forget to live your life...


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I have 4 Lunh mets and saw thoracic surgeon yesterday.  3 in one LUnh 1 in other.  1 is too big to keyhole but just started erbitux so hopefully shrinking   he said it would have to come out eventually but would have to,open p side oF ribs. There is a 50% chance of nerve damage which I believe is quite painful but treatable. See see how we go.  They say quality of life impt and only operate when need arises? 

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I have lung mets but I have several in both nodes so there is no interest is starting to cut them out..

We did chemo and vectibix and now just on vectibix.. We have discuss RFA is we ever see the volume of the fal. in the scan. but till then drugs are the best route my drs tell me..

Just thought you should know surgery is not always the route taken.

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