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Does anyone have experience with Gemzar?

Am trying to decide between that and weekly Taxol



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I took Gemzar and Carboplatin.   I wasn't able to tolerate the Taxol so instead of treatment once a month for 6 months, I went every two weeks and I believe I took the Gemzar every two weeks and the Carboplatin every 4 weeks.  I did not lose my hair with the Gemzar.  I did get some mild neuropathy and a few queasy days.  About two days after treatment I would be extremely exhausted.  I still continued to work (although self-employed), it was easy to make a schedule that suited me.



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...and I see that you had Taxol before - in the standard Taxol/Carboplatin combination. This combination (Taxol/Carboplatin) didn't "work" for you, so then you went on Doxil (which made you extremely fatigued).

If this is right, my questions are: Why do they think that Taxol weekly might benefit you?  Are you able to choose Taxol weekly - then after a few weeks have a CT scan to see if there is any benefit?  If there isn't any benefit from the weekly Taxol, then can you go on Gemzar, or do you have to make a decision and then follow through?  


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I, too, take Gemzar and Carboplatin following 6 rounds of Taxol/Carboplatin (was in remission for a very short time following this cocktail).  Have absolutely NO problems with Gemzar other than it runs my white count into the ground and I got several minor infections - one at the port.  All infections were handled with antibiotics.  My Gemzar/Carboplatin protocol was changed from both drugs week 1 followed by Gemzar alone on week 2 and then a week without chemo, to Gemzar/Carboplatin week one, a week of no chemo, Gemzar the third week followed by a week of no chemo - the treatments are more spaced out.  Will also be getting Neulasta to maintain a healthier white count. 


Good new is no nausea, hair loss or loss of energy.  I also get Decadron before the chemo drugs and that gets me WIRED.  Good luck with Gemzar.

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