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Sores on tongue

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I am a triple negative breast cancer survivor. I finished my chemo treatments in September 2011. for the past year or so I have been having a problem with what I think are inflamed taste buds. I have tried stopping different foods, stopping medications, but nothing helps. I thought it was an anti-depressant medication I was on, but I stopped it and I still have trouble. lately the sores are constant. They are painful and very annoying! i have talked to my dentist, oral surgeon and PCP. No one knows. 

I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or knows what to do. 

Thanks for any advice :)


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I did not have them on my tongue but I used peridex mouth wash, for the ones in my mouth. It is prescription. there has to be a doc who knows, an ENT or another dentist. so sorry you are dealing with this. is your mouth dry? you could use Biotene which is over the ocunter

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You can buy Biotene in the drug store and that might help. Are you any better and what have you used? 


Good luck!

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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A couple of other ideas....

1.  You could try a salt water rinse 3-4 times a day.  It's especially beneficial just before bed.

2.  As already suggested, biotene rinse or toothpaste if your mouth is dry.  You can find it in the toothpaste aisle at any Walmart, target, Walgreens, etc.

3.  Call or email your oncologist/advice nurse and explain your symptoms and what you have tried.  Another prescription that may work is majic mouthwash.  It has a numbing agent along with healing medicine.

Good luck, I'm sure that's uncomfortable at best.  And probably makes it hard to eat.  Let us know what happens.




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could it be yeast? thrush? maybe a trial of nystatin , but you would think the docs would know. usually its  white areas on your tongue, but it is painful.

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