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NED 1 Year

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It makes me very happy to post that tomorrow, 1/31/13, I will be 1 year NED. 

But......this did not come without a bump.  Had 1 year colonoscopy on Monday and a polyp was found.  Yikes, tick, tick, tick...wait and wait......  Dr called and it was not cancer, just a polyp, but based on my history, wants to check me with a sigmoidoscopy in 3-6 months.  Also suggested genetic testing since this is another issue.  DId not need genetic testing last year.  He said it would be good info to have.  Since I am also signet cell - it is a good move.  Knowledge is power.  Maybe I will just be prone to polyps.

I thought I would prep, have the colonoscopy, my colon would be a work of art and all would be wonderful.

Besides the little bump in the road........I feel VERY blessed and fortunate.

Just another day on the cancer roller coaster ride.


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good for you and well done! one year with NED is a great milestone.  Sorry about the polyp but sounds like you are right on top of things....this is good! a good thing your doc is watching you.

hoping for all the very best for you,


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congrats on being ned!

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Congratulations. Hope you have many more milestones to celebrate in the upcoming years.

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Good news is always welcome at this forum!! Next yr tell us about 2yrs NED!!!

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WONDERFUL news!!!  


As far as the polyp...good for your doctor that he wants to ride herd!!!


Hugs, Kathi

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Yabba Dabba Doo!

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Wonderful news from one signet cell to another!  Sorry about the bump ...just relax and enjoy your NED.



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And you know as a signet cell I was a mess and kept asking the Gastro if it had signet cells in it, he kept saying it was not cancer, signet cell is the type of cancer cell. I was a nut....better now and didn't realize how much anxiety I had at the time. 

How are you doing?

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Its great to read your post, and hear of your 1st year good news. 

I can imagine how the polyp unsettles you, but the fact that they catch it early and deal with it has to be a great relief. 

As a newbie just starting on the road to recovery, I LOVE to hear from those who are celebrating NED. And thank you for taking the time to come here and post. 

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As a former-newbie, this site got me through many rough times.  Keep us posted on your journey.

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I think signet cell is a pretty aggressive cancer, isn't it?  So it seems like making it a year with nothing new rearing its ugly head is a huge deal.  Good for you, and keep doing it!  Ann Alexandria

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