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Clean scan last week, surgery tomorrow.

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Well I'm checking in to the funny farm for a week, rectum removal, ovary removal and expected just an ileostomy.  Doctor is telling me that I should prepare myself in case he can't spare the muscle.  I'm going with I'll worry about it if it happens.  He says the tumor was really close to the muscle and he'll do his best.  Can't ask for more.  Short of being hungry as heck and drained from all this prep, I'm going in a little more relaxed than last surgery.  Reminded myself it wasn't as bad as I made it in my head and time goes so quickly it'll be next week before I know it.

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 what a wonderful attitude you have.....I think you are right.....some confidence comes with playing this game for a while....All the very very best for surgery....hoping for smooth sailing, speedy recovery and nice comforting meal soooooon.

best love and wishes,


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Thanks Maggie.  I feel like I just can't make myself nuts this time.  The only part that really bothers me is waking up from anasthesia.  I always feel like I can't breathe but that passes and then with pain pills and time there is just some discomfort. I can handle that.

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Best of luck to you. I'm sure it will go well and it will be all over before you know it. Funny how you get used to surgery. Two years ago, before cancer, Steve went in for a routine hernia repair surgery. He was completely terrified. When he went in for HIPEC in the Spring, he was completely relaxed. It was like he was going to a movie. It is amazing what we can get used to. Hope this one is a piece of cake. Good luck.

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Good luck with surgery. It will be over before you know it, and you get a really good nap. I know when I had my surgery I was just looking forward to it to get that cancer out. It wasn't soon enough. The prep is the worst part. Let us know how it goes.

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Best wishes for a very successful surgery tomorrow!  I'll be thinking about you and sending possitive vibes your way.

All my best,


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prayers for you. keep your fighting spirit!



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