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Doctor called and say no cancer was found in the biopsy. Yea, thank God. He did say they found a couple of ASAP cells which, according to the internet, could be or could not be cancer. I'm going with the not be. He said there are different ideas of dealing with an  ASAP cell and his way is just to stay on top of this by getting another PSA in 3 months. Now what happens then if it's still high I do not know but right now I'm a happy camper.


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    PCA 3 urine test

    Good news, however it can be a false negative, especially in the light of the knott on your prostate , so you  still need to be viligant.

    Have you had a PCA3 which is an indicator of prostate cancer? and the necessity of another biopsy.

    I recommend that you receive a second opinion on the slides of your biopsy by an expert pathologist who specializes in prostate cancer. Determining Gleason score is subjective. You do not want to to be under or over treated