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Pat is starting Folfiri and Avastin

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Can anyone tell me about their experiences with Folfiri and Avastin?  Pat (my husband) will start this on Feb 1st.  The onc stopped the CPT-11 and Erbitux today because Pat's most recent CT scan is showing growth in both the lungs and the liver.  Any insights would be most welcome!


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I started on this combo.   I've had folfiri in the past....with the avastin added  to the mix I haven't noticed any difference with side effects.    Maybe I will in time,  who knows. 

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CPT-11 is irinotecan, which is the IRI in FOLFIRI.  Sounds like the onc is just adding 5FU, leucovorin and Avastin into the mix, hence the FOLFIRI + Avastin instead of just irinotecan + Erbitux.  Main side effects of both 5FU and irinotecan are nausea/diarheaa, which can be bad for some.  Some people also get moth sores or hand/foot sores with both drugs as well.  Main side effect of Avastin is increased blood pressure, and there is a risk for GI bleeding and nose bleeds.  Some people also have protein leakage out of their kidneys, so the onc may take urine samples to follow this closely.


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This has been my husbands regular cocktail for a while now. He tolerates it well. His side effects are changes to his finger and toe nails, fatigue the day after disconnection, rash on his back which can be controlled with moisturizer. That's pretty well it, for him. Good luck.


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i did that from july 2012 to jan 2 2013. i had fantastic results. after 6 tx, the liver cancer was not detected & all other places except the ovary, decreased by 1/2. the onc thinks the ovary has a cyst & not cancer. ( i had 2 abd, liver, peritoneal had lots of places & the ovary). i had a  pet/ct sat & the only place that was detected was the ovary. i am still sched with the onc surg. he is  rec. hipec surg. i know that is a rough surg but if it gives me an advantage, i will have it. i hope the folfiri & avastin works good for Pat.  as far as side effects it was the usual side effects. very tired & could not work much. my whites crashed once ( even tho i did nuelasta starting after #3 tx) & i ended up in the er then hospital. i also had a dvt left axillary that the onc does not know why. compared to folfox 6 that i did jan 2011-july 2011, the folfiri & avastin was not as harsh. good luck!



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I've have had over 36 doses of this cocktail and I have to say that's it's helped me fight this disease.

I've seen good results, it's kept several tumors in check, one of which was removed last April and the other

that's in my plural (lining between lung and ribs). The tumor in my plural seem to be dead or scar tissue,

it's remained the same for the last 3 years.

This cocktail is no walk in the park, but it's manageable.  Near the end of my treatment I was doseing about once

everything 4/5 weeks. I would take my dose on a Wednesday and I'd be back to work the following Mon/Tues.

Hope this helps...


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Been on folfox, now on second cycle of folfiri. So far I am finding it much easier to tolerate than the oxaliplatin in folfox. Hoping it works better than folfox which did very little for me. The major side effect I had with Avastin are clots in the nose. Every time I blow my nose chunky bits of congealed blood come out. Once I had 3 hour nose bleed, just slowly uzing. It was damn annoying. Increased blood pressure is a common side effect which I also had, but not too serious.



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Thanks everyone for the replies!  I am hoping that Pat tolerates this well and we see some positive results.  The only side effect he hasn't had so far is the clotting in his nose so I guess we will see if that happens with him too.  

Thanks again for your support!


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