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My fantastic news continues CEA 3.2 down from 3.8 with german holistic medicine

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Dearest friends,

I was wondering about the score today, i did the blood yesterday.

I am over joyed that my german therapies appear to be contining to be effective.

given how fragile remission's are i am aware that i cannot take my current good health for granted.

i suspect my immune system is kicking my cancers hinnie. I hope it keeps on kicking.

To help it along i am flying back to germany for another 2 months to a year of 5 depending on life and health.

Its great news for me personally and for us all as a community as I might be onto a few therapies that are effective for colorectal.

I am tired today off for a nap, but I wanted to spread some hope.

Not sharing this good news was not an option.



very worried husband
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Congrats Pete. You are a remarkable man....

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Good news with the downward treand with your CEA.   

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Good job, Pete.

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That is great news! I am going to Germany this summer for vacation. Enjoy your time.
Sandy :)

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Great news, and I am researching options for dendritic cell vaccines, in both the US and Germany.  I may see you at Hallwang some day....

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Congrats! So happy for you. You're right. Your good news is our good news.


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Congrats to you!!  You have achieved a wonderful goal! Keep going with it Pete ... you have lots of people behind you wishing you complete success!  I look forward to your posts and good news! Smile

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Nice job Pete!  :)   Keep it going, kick its butt.  And don't forget to get plenty of rest along the way too! 

Take care,


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how great that it is improving! so happy for you!



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dear friends,

life is getting interesting, looking forward to my treatments underway at the german clinics.

my motto for this visit is

'speak softly, work gently'

my cea was 3.2 the other day, which is great.

I will post from germany in a few days.

I hope everyone is well and we all get the best results from the best treatments we have access to.

I just had the best massage , an hour long from a blind chinaman and found a vegetarian food joint.




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best of luck to you!  AA

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That is great news; been following your posts and blogs, and your resilience in the fight


Your success will be inspiration to all folks of our trade.


Thanks for posting


(the closest I got to German clinics was Frankfurt airport, Feb. 1st)


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re its an epic

its like the lord of rings, except  i aint a hobbit, i am a giant.

prequel was all the conventional

book1 was get ned all the alts and the german

book2 is staying ned  all the alts and german but with more focus, aggression and confidence now i know this shiiiit is working, book1 was the miracle, this books is keeping the miracle going and really sharing it. i would be less than human if i kept this success to myself. sitting on the cure, that would qualify for a ticket straight to lucifer.

book3 is the morphing of conventional, the scaling back of chemo and the dominance of immunotherapy across developed western systems. please consider the barriers to this including the return on capital demanded by investors in our largest companies. see the chemo for life post and just add up the profits and what revenue stream will be diverted away from the oncology sector. this is massive and the real battle. it clear to me these therapies work and have universal merit.

the barriers are clearly obvious to anyone who wants to look. a possible curative path ignored.

one question your ned for a couple of years ?????

oh you get cea 6.6 oh shiiit here we go again.


WHAT YOU GONNA DO ??????????????????????????????????????/

do a pete or

do sit in the chair and get your fortnightly fix ( with every hit , yours odds of long term cure shrink and your quality and quantity of life is compomised.

please ignore me if i upset you, i am quietly becoming a radical. off to do my coffee enema!

sweet dreams from dudterstadt germany.



ps tomorrow 8am they suck out the red stuff to make the white stuff that saves. thats step one of the vaccine preparation process i will document this week comprehensively on the video blog. i just purchased a new hd camcorder and stero microphone. i might make a doco as no one else. the canadian journalist could not make it this week, maybe next week. getting such a great story into main stream is so hard, it should sell itself. time will tell if the story sells.

pps to be honest i need  to supplement my funds, i can see the life insurance nest egg shrinking before my eyes. this week will cost 15k

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You bring up a good point Pete.  My husband and I were adding up my chemo costs the other night.  At approx. $16,000.00/treatment X 72 I've cost the government $1,152,000.00.  That is drug cost only.  No surgeries, no appointments, no scans etc.  I figure I've cost everyone about $1,500,00.00 or even a little more.  That's for 1 cancer patient!   Thank goodness for health insurance because I'd be dead long ago.

I never claimed to be cheap Wink

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