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Another rise in CA 125

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Had repeat lab today.  The CA 125 is now 505.  The last one the end of November was 360.  Since I hav no symptoms I am going to continue observation for now and go for a repeat lab the end of March.   Last time my CA 125 went to 2700 before changes occurred on the CAT scan, so I am comfortable with waiting and watching.   I will continue on the Aromasin and Enoxaparin for now.  My hair continues to get thinner every day, but that is okay as long as the pill is working on the inside.   I continue to enjoy each day, and likeNorma has said in her recent post I thank God for the many Blessings he has given me.

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I really admire your positive attitude and gratefulness in the midst of all the things you are going through. I hope your repeat lab in March is lower than todays.

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I wish I can be this positive Ro.   I am having a very difficult time dealing with the loss of my daughter, and when I read these posts, I feel so helpless.   I am so worried for Maryann and now Beila.  I hope yours is nothing and your next test will be better.  love you all and wish the best for everyone. 

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Just wanting to let u know how much I appreciate your posts and positive approach to managing the uncertainity. Best wishes. Susan

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Ro, this is the phrase that struck a chord within me - "so I am comfortable with waiting and watching".

I marvel at you being in that place, and think this is what many of us aspire to (I know I do) - to be in that place where it's comfortable waiting for whatever is coming down the turnpike.







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You continue to inspire me in this fight against cancer.  While we have different types both are grade 3 (USPC and MMMT).  Your positive attitude and determination to fight is a blessing to all of us ladies in this battle.  I will continue to have you in my prayers and hopefully the numbers will come down in March. trish

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I'm sorry about the CA125 numbers... but so happy you are feeling well.  Your attitude is an inspiration to me and I wish you well.  Norma is right, thank God for the many blessings he has given us. 


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Praying for you and sending you {{{hugs}}}.  

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I am so sorry the CA 125 continues to rise. But you know your own body so well and I am glad that you feel OK with watching and waiting a while longer
I am trying to adopt your approach - I have some discomfort (not pain) which I think might be something starting up again, but I am determined to have my holiday in February before I do anything. So I will continue on the letrozole until I come back
I hope I know my body like you do yours (my oncologist seems to think I do!). I never thought I would ever adopt a "watch and wait" approach, as patience has never been my forte, but somehow, now, there are times when it feels right.
Thinking of you

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I am pleased for you that your number went up just a bit and you get some more time without chemo.  I know you are enjoying every minute.

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Glad you're at peace with this and counting your blessings. We could all use a big dose of your positive attitude!

Sending prayers........

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Double Whammy
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Percentage wise that's not much of an increase, but I bet it would feel better if it was going in the other direction.  i'm so glad you feel well, but that, too, must feel rather odd with a rise in value.  Hope you can stay away from chemo because that seems to be when you feel bad!  It may well be that the aromosin is working and keeping the numbers low. 

Sending some good vibes.  So glad you do find peace with this and can do watchful waiting. 


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