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A Couple of Thoughts - 'This' WILL happen and OLD threads

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I have recently seen where once again many are posting that what they experienced IS what will happen to/with ALL - not true.  Certainly it is great to pass on our personsl experience so that they are better educated as to the possibilities.  We are each unique - in how we handle issues, our other health issues (if any exist) than BC AND our own BC.   TX for IBC, IDC, ILC, DCIS, LCIS, ER/PR +/-, HER2 +/-, TN/TP.   Different Drs have different TX plans for different ones of us (my TX for IBC was different than most [if not all] other IBCers here - I did neo-adjuvant chemo, surgery, djuvant chemo, rads and Femara.)  Again - tell 'your' experiences as to what you personally dealt with but do not say 'this' will happen to anyone else.

There have been SO many OLD (10 +/- yrs since any post to them) threads pulled up recently by 'Newbies'.  Your suggestions to those who are no longer here does nothing to help them.  Nor will you get replies from them on questions; ask your question in a NEW thread or give your advise in a NEW thread to target those here now and get more replies to your questions

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Good reminders Susan.  To be sure you are responding to the most current threads, if you click on created then let it sort threads will be arranged with the oldest on top.  Click again and threads will be arranged with newest on top.  I use this feature everytime I log on.



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Still, I'd like to check on on our '3 Word Story' 10 years from now! 

I like it when people start their 'answers' with 'we are all unique'  It'a a great reminder that although we can find support, definitive answers are illusive at best!

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I find it helpful to know what kind of treatments others have had and what kind of side effects they had but it's important to keep in mind that everyone is different and so are their doctors.  As for the "Old Threads", I was really hoping that one of the changes made with the recent upgrade to this site would be an Archive folder so people could search for past discussions but otherwise they would not show up.  I guess that's not possible?  I'm not a computer expert but it seems to me that this site would load so much faster if it didn't have to pull up so much information from so long ago.  Just my two cents and these days I don't think it would even buy a piece of bubble gum. 




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I guess I am one of the ones that don't mind the oldlie but goodie threads being pulled up. One recently was about pain. Sure, the people may no longer be around to post, but it was nice for me to hear that others are having/had pain as well. It can also stir up new discussions, treatments, etc.

New Flower
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Many old posts have value and info unfortunately not too much changed 

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