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Good News!

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Well Dan got his central line put in this  morning, and the nurse will be here in an hour to teach me how to administer TPN! Nutrition is on the way!

while we were waiting this morning in the IR unit, Dan asked for a bottle of water. I gave it to him and he drank. Normally! Not the painstaking baby sips where it takes him a day to drink a 10 ounce bottle. No, this was 10 minutes and the bottle was empty! He's tried other liquids and foods and they are too painful to get down ( his mouth broke out in a new mucositis round last night) but I am thrilled that he can drink! No choking, no wrong pipe.. Straight drinking! So nice to see him succeed and smile!

it feels so good to share some good news, and not vent for just one day!

thank you!


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I'm so happy for Dan !  Isn't it something that the smallest accomplishments (we all take for granted) can bring such joy to our lives !  Will be thinking positives !   Katie

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simply made me SMILE BIG Laughing....he's on his way!  It's not going to be long before his nutrients will go down the same way....really!  This is a huge sign that mucositis or not, his mouth IS healing....and his swallower still knows what to do....


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Love hearing good news! You might try milk or chocolate milk, I know that was always a winner for both Phrannie and I.

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I'll toast a water with him, or in his honor...JG

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jim and i
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So happy he is able to at least drink water.


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That is so H2Ohhhhhhh so good!!!


Keep swallowing and keep getting better.



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That is amazing! Such an acomplishrmnt! You will also be amazed how easy it is to do the TPN, maybe he will get lipids too, that really helps put the weight on. My son was on TPN/Lipids for a year.

I'm so happy he was able to drink water. Before I went thru this whole ordeal I don't think I would have understood how huge it is. I must have said a 100 times, "gosh i just want to chug this whole bottle!". It took me all day to drink a bottle. I also remember the first time I finished a little bowl (toddler size bowl) of yogurt....my husband was so happy for me. I'm telling ya, it's the little things.

Keep up the good work and keep us posted.

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Keep up the good work and tell him we are his fan club for killing off that bottle of water that way...and we want to see more of that!!  :)




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It dawned on me as I was drinking from a bottle of water that I didn't sip, swallow, sip, swallow. I opened my mouth and swallow swallow swallow swallow... and it wasn't until that moment that I actually remembered that you can drink that way! It's a great moment--so glad to hear he's able to drink!

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This is a new one for me.

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Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) 

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Way to go Dan! Today 1 bottle tomorrow 2.  That's awesome. Keep up the good work


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The best thing he can ingest right now. Keep dehydration at bay, and you can win the battle. Before you know it, 10 Oz in 10 Min will be 10 Oz in 10 seconds.

HUGE progress



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Good for you both! This really is a big step forward. Thanks for sharing the great news. Made me smile. 



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