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Results are in

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Well some of them anyway, biopsy confirmed squamous cell.  Now waiting for the navigator to call with staging/oncology/testing appointments and port appointment.   This waiting is making me a little crazy(ier) but what a relief to be able to tell my family and a few friends last night. 

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I'm sorry you have gotten this diagnosis.  It sounds like things are going to move quickly for you towards staging, preliminaries and treatment.  That's a good thing, as you now know how agonizing waiting can be.  It sounds like you have a good support group.  Although we can only be here for you virtually, we will support you all the way!  Please keep us posted.  You WILL get through this!

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Waiting for test results just never seems to get easier, although now you can start to actively fight this. I know once I had things set up with radiation/oncology I felt better, like now there was a plan. As Martha said, we are all here for you to help you get through this.

As always, all in my prayers.

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