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Can anyone please explain

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how you can have a recurrence when there was no spread of the cancer.  My husband was first diagnosed with laryngeal cancer in July 2010.  He underwent 35 radiation and 3 chemo treatments for a large tumor with no spread.  Then in February 2011 we found out it was back, but according to the specialist we saw, it never went anywhere that the radiation and swelling hid the tumor when a PET/CT scan was done earlier.  He then had surgery in March 2011 and everything was going good.  Then in April 2012 he decided to have a TEP inserted but they found a tumor at the cervical of the esophagus (no spread) which we were told inoperable due to several factors.  He underwent another 35 radiation and 7 chemo and in a PET/CT scan in September and when the specialist dilated his throat and looked all the way down into his stomach and everything was clear.  Then in December he saw the oncologist/radiation doctor and she looked down his throat and said everything looked good.  Now last week he had a PET/CT scan and yesterday the specialist's PA called and said that the doctor needed to see him to go over the results and that there was a recurrence in basically the same spot. 

Needless to say we are upset and scared.  He just turned 76 and up until July of 2010 his health was very good.  Yes he was a beer drinker and smoked a pipe which I begged him to stopped.  I have read everyone stories and it is really sad what is going on.  The only difference from many of you, you are younger, have small children, some just starting out, while we have been married for 50 years and our children are grown with families of their own. 

While we don't know yet what the next course of treatment will be or the outcome, I only know I don't want him to suffer anymore than he has since July 2010.  He has been a good husband, good provider and even took care of my mother during her last two years of life, while I was still working and did a great job.


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jim and i
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My husband was healthy until 2009, that is when he started having ear pain which led to many ENT and Nerologist visits and test. They treated him for nerve damage until April of 2011 when they finally did a CT which found stage 4 tongue cancer. Treatment ended in August and by December the cancer had popped up in his lungs. Now we are just living as full a life as possible.  My husband is 78 and I like you do not want him to suffer but don't want to lose him either. He has chosen no more treatment since he wants to enjoy his remaining time.

As for your question, all it takes is for one little cell (which can't be seen on PET) to grow back and spread.

PM me if you need someone to connect with. I pray for you and your husband.


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i only wish i had an explaination for your you and your hubby. 

nobody deserves what they are going thru, nothing is to blame, to much unknown then the waiting game hangs out with each and everyone of us. 

for me i had to force myself to keep my chin up along with my pma. for me it worked, i pray for you and your special man that you both can do the same. 


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I have no explaination, just wanted to let you know, I'm thinking and praying for you and your husband . I so wish a cure for all cancer would be found..it's an evil,vile disease

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I wonder if these are really recurrences or new occurances...?

Either way it sucks..., hopefully they'll find something to get you guys out of this unwanted visitor...

Thoughts & Prayers,


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Your post touched me deeply.  You and hubby have been very fortunate to have the strong love I hear in your words.  Reoccurrance or new....doesn't matter in the scheme of things.  You two will make the proper decissions on any and all tx's available.  I will add my prayers to yours that he doesn't have to suffer from any of this.  Warmest regards sent !   Katie

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...and can imagine how scared and upset you are.  You two have been thru the mill for such a long time!!  I wish I had answers for you, but I'm just too ignorant.  It sucks!!  Sending prayers that the Dr. has a plan of action....


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I do not know how any cancer cells could live through rads and chemo.  Dang that stuff is evil.  Let us hope your team comes up with a doable plan for the two of you.


Next stop 75 years of marriage, keep the faith.



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as your online family (or as I like to say think, your wingman) we got you covered in prayer, positive thoughs or whatever that family members fancy is...mine is prayer.

I wish so much I could do more, prayer is all I got and I whispered one for health, strength and recovery before I hit the post button...


Keep us posted,



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