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Please, Send Prayers Or Good Vibes

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My daughter, Johnnybegood on the Colon Board, saw her surgeon today. Her patelets refuse to rise enough to allow her to resume Avastin and all other options have been tried, so she will be having a spleen removal this week or next . Her lung tumors have multiplied from 6 to 38, so no lung surgery is possible. Her only hope is Avastin to cut off the blood supply to them.

As I'm sure you understand, I passed worried and went into terror a long time ago. Although I am no longer a person of faith, she is and I know many of you are. So, I'm asking for all the spare prayers you can muster as she faces yet another challenge.

Thank You,



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I know how hard it is to love someone so much and feel so helpless to do anything to make them physically better.  I pray your daughter will make through this tough time.

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There's always enough prayers to go around....hugs to you!


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Wolf, you an your family definitely have my attention, thoughts and prayers coming your way...


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You will of course have my prayers. I really hope and pray that this treatment will have great results.

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Of course our thoughts, hope and prayers surround you and your family.



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prayers on the way for all involved. 


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And will continue...


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jim and i
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Praying for you and your daughter. Like the men who lowered their friend through the roof to Jesus, we on this board have the faith for you and pray for a miracle for your daughter. I pray for your comfort. I can't imagine how it must be to have your child fighting the battle against cancer.


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D Lewis
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Sending healing thoughts your way, for both you and your daughter. 


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Prayers are Outbound now.....

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I'm sorry you have to live this nightmare....I wish so much there was more I could offer.  Prayer is all I have as well as my heart aches for you at this time, my faith is still intact and my prayer is for your daughter to have relief and you for comfort....please keep us posted Wolf.


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Prayers said

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Ingrid K
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sending prayers for your whole family.  You have all been thru so much already.

It is time for something positive to happen for a change.

wishing you the best.


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My Prayers and thoughts are coming  your way. I hope everything turns out well for her body to accept the Avastin.

God and peace be with you during this journey.


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so glad you asked, many, many good wishes for all, and a passel of prayers for your daughter.

i so hope that you and your family see many better days very soon!

hugs, Kari

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I understand your statement about no longer being a person of faith.  The amount of trials in your life, and continued hits from life would certainly make me question this.  It took me a long time to come back to my faith in something more than what I could see and hear.  I will pray for your daughter....daily.  I will pray for your husband daily.  And I will send you lady all my positive loving thoughts that I can muster up !   Katie

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