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I have a friend who had a biopsies last week.

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She's 65 yrs. old.  The dr. told her husband that things look bad.  The further he went with the D&C the worst things got.  She was called today with her pathology report.  They said stage 1 but she would have to undergo a complete hysterectomy.  I am an Ovarian cancer patient, diagnosed in May '11.  I wasn't staged until my surgery.  Also, her son said it hasn't spread.  How can they know that?  I'm not familiar with uterine cancer, but this just sounds kind of strange to me. She's had heavy bleeding.  When were you ladies staged? 





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I was staged during/after surgery during the full radical hysterectomy.  I don't know that they can stage till everything is taken out and tested.  They can give you the grade without the surgery, but not the staging.  At least this is what I was told.  Mine was 1a and had not spread(hopefuly) and had negative washings.  But to say it looked bad, then it's a 1, and had not spread, I think is just guess work.  Wishing your friend the best.  I follow you on the ovarian board so I know your story.  Hope all is well with you!  Best, debrajo

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THanks Debra Jo.  You are always so helpful.  I talked to my friend's husband. It is grade 1.  She and her son heard what they wanted to hear. The dr. called her but also asked to speak to her husband.    She has been referred to a GYN/ONC and will have surgery soon no doubt.  The dr. said that  it was in her uterus and other places, so they do not yet know where the cancer originated.  If there's a positive side, the dr. said it wasn't quite as bad he first thought.  But as her husband said, it's still bad. 

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I'm with Debrajo...we can learn the grade right away from pathology, but until the hysterectomy is done and sampling of lymph nodes are pulled, then sent to pathology, it's only a guess on staging.  My final pathology was all negative except one lymph node lite up in pelvic area....I was stage 3c, grade 3 as have an aggressive uterine cancer MMMT.  

Other places?...now that's a concern.  In the end all will be out after the hysterectomy and final pathology.  

I wish your friend the best....


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I had to have a D&C and the doctor told me they had to scrape a lot of stuff out of me.  She told me that she would not  know the results for a week.  Well I was diagnosed with uterine cancer.  She told me that it was a slow growing form of cancer and that I would probably have to have a hysterectomy and depending on staging and if it had spread, I might need chemo or radiation.  She said she would have to send me to an oncologist/gynecologist to do the surgery and only after the surgery would they be able to tell me what the stage was and if it had spread.  I had to have a complete hysterectomy. They removed everything including lymph nodes.  I had my surgery done Dec 31st by the DaVinci robot.  Boy that was a piece of cake.  I was up and walking after a couple of hours and went home the following morning. I only took meds at night to help me sleep.  I had to wait a week and a half to find out the results.  My doctor said I could not ask for better results.  The cancer had not spread, all the blood work came back clear, the lymph nodes were all clear and he said we caught it in the earliest of earliest stages and that it was only between 10% - 15% invasive and was all contained.  He said, "you are cancer free."  He said I did not need any further treatment, no chemo or radiation but that he would be checking me out every month to make sure everything remains good.   I'm sure your friend will be ok, I will keep her and you in my thoughts and prayers. 

God Bless

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