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My friend who has been dealing with a recurrence of UPSC in her pelvis and been on chemo since August receives her last "chemo lite" tomorrow.  She did 4 cycles of standard big gun carboplatin and taxol, then 4 weekly treatments of Taxotere.  Her PET scan in October was clear and her CA-125 last week was 6 and it has been 6 for at least 2 months!  She'll have another PET in February or March but that girl is so happy - and so am I.  Her recurrence was at 2 years.  I hope she gets many more years with this.  And, of course, it would be wonderful if this would take care of it forever.

(She was Stage 1b 2 years ago).






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    God is good!  Tell her

    God is good!  Tell her congradulations from another UPSC fighter!...and many more!!!  Best. Debrajo