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bone pain without estrogen!

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I take Exemestane 25mg and my body hurts really bad,at times im ok but when it's cloudy i hurt,i know without estrogen in my body that's why,but my question is,is there anything else that i can do to feel better without taking a pill? I do arobics at least 2 or 3 times a week, i take a bone strenghting shot prolia for the bones and i take calcium 1200mg a day and about 6000mg of vit.d3 a day and my D levels is 63,is there anything i can do to lubricate my joints and my upper back has started to hurt,my last bone dentsity test showed some arthiritis is my spine.it seems that the Exemestane is making my bones shrink. ~~MollyZ~~

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I wish I could help you Molly, but I am having the same exact problems.  I went fom mild osteopenia in my hips to moderate within two years and i am 47. The only thing I was thinking about doing was yoga.  I don't know if it's going to work, but I have read that others find it very helpful.  I do notice that the more I stretch the better I feel, so I am going to give it a whirl.  I hope I don't break in half. Lol!  Good luck to you.  

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Giant Poodles
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I have heard yoga works really well. I hope this helps.


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I do notice when i do arobics i dont hurt as bad,I guess I'll have to find some yoga dvd's and give it a try. thanks~~MollyZ~~

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Yoga is really good all round.  But an instructor is best to make sure the movements are being done corrrectly rather than a tape.  I was having bad pain in my top spine agitating arthritis like you have and realized the way I was trying to have better posture was wrong.  Plus a very painful arm for over two years I corrected realizing I was over stretching and not quote 'keeping my shoulders back and in their sockets' couldn't believe it after all that time.  Such easy fixes when you finally work it out.  Physio is dished out a lot but problems just come back if you don't find out causes.  Hope it works for you.  I love it.

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