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No More Sense Of Humor

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My Friends,

My positive attitude I try so hard to keep and my sense of humor have now left the building. About ten days ago, I came down with stomach virus. Was living in the bathroom, couldn't eat or sleep due to respiratory part. Three days later, hubby went into CHF. I tried to get him into the truck to go to Emg. Neither of us had any strength and he fell and knocked us both into the street. I managed to get up, but couldn't get him up, so I called 911. Fire dept. came and got him into truck and I managed to get us to Emg. Stayed with him until he was stable and then drove back home. Got progressively worse and passed out the next morning. Came to with cat rubbing my head. Ended up in hospital for four days with a million bags of sodium chloride and potassium while hubby was in a different hospital trying to breathe. He ended up having his lung biopsy there. Our son spent his time between hospitals and the lonely cat at home.

I came home on Saturday. Hubby got home Sunday with portable oxygen and home unit delivered a couple of hours later. I had  no idea where we stood with all the MDA appts. or much of anything else, for that matter. Missed appt. for this morning. Didn't even know we had it. Appt. now sched. for Jan. 31 for results of scans and biopsy. Fortunately, son is available that day to drive us and get his dad into the truck. He's still having a very difficult time breathing, even with oxygen.

I still have terrible cough from bronchial infection, so must take shallow breaths. Still can't sleep. Somewhere in here, I know there's got to be a laugh, even if it's one of insanity.

JBG has surgeon's appt. today to discuss possible spleen removal or maybe some type of lung surgery. Will talk with her probably tomorrow.

So that's what we've all been up to. I hope that everyone is doing well. I've missed too many posts to catch up.



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DO NOT worry about this place...you just concentrate on you and your family.  So glad that your son is available to help you both...that is wonderful.

Often I think of my wife and I in our old age (if I make it) and what you described sounds just like we would have to do MINUS the son.  It scares me more than anything else in this world...to have to do...and not be able to do....BUT having nobody around to help.

I'm not laughing either...

I'm just really glad you had your son there...really, really glad.

Get better....and you already know to take it slow...

I know if J gets her spleen removed, her platelet level will rise...and I hope that this will be the ticket to her treatment program...I will find it interesting to see how much her level rises.....how much chemo backs it down....how quickly the count should rise...and what the numbes will look like....

I'm sorry, Mama...I hate to see you suffer.  And I'm so sorry about your husband too...at least he's got the O2 at home now...it sounds like he is still struggling and that just breaks my heart. 

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I thought my family has been through too much in the last year but i think you have us beat. I really hope you csn find some peace and relaxation through all this.

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Breath, Release, Relax

We missed you.. you have been thought a lot there... don't worry about catching up.. we are ok..

just take care of you and your family...

Sending you Peace and Hugs...

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Sorry you are havingsuch a a rough time. This darn cancer is wicked one one day not too bad then all hell breaks loose.  I pray you both feel better real soon. Jeff

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I am so very sorry to hear about your recent struggles.

You really must take care of you. I too had the flu and found that the cough lingered for weeks.   Leave the heavy lifting and getting hubby places to either son or EMT's.

My heart goes out to you as you try to deal with all this.  I know the worry for your loved ones has to be weighing greatly on you.

As for the cough, try hot tea with lots of honey.  Unlike medications for cough it will not make you drowsy, as I know you will be keeping one ear on how hubby is doing.

Please take care and know my prayers are on the way for you, hubby and JBG.

Marie who loves kitties

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I'm always bragging about being the one who NEVER gets sick. Unfortunately, my brain doesn't comprehend that this 66 year old body is attached to it. Even when the brain says "Get up, fool", the body says "I don't think so." I just want to be here to give out hugs and "motherly" advice to you guys.

Thanks, Marie for the tea & honey tip. I knew you would get the cat part, too. Now, if I can just get him to dial 911. LOL

Craig, I guess the thought of losing the ability to take care of Ron has never even occurred to me, until now. I've just always been able to do it. He outweighs me by 100 lbs. and without any strength, he becomes dead weight. I've never needed anyone to take care of me, so this is a real wake-up call.

Anyway, just "Thanks", you guys for being nearby.



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I am so sorry about all of this and wish I was closer to you so I could help you somehow. Talk about having it piled on, then piled on some more! Wow. I am so glad your son is close and helping you and your hubby. I hope you can find time over the next few days to just chill out and relax and try to recover yourself. This is just too much for one family. It sounds like JBG has a possible plan in the works and hopefully things will go well for her. I know this is not what anybody wants to hear, but is your husband on Medicare? Was he in the hospital long enough to qualify for "skilled care" in the nursing home for a few days until you get back on your feet? That would sure take a load off of you. You know what people say - "Take care of yourself or you'll both be down." Well, you are there. And I don't mean I think you did anything wrong to catch what you caught, because a lot of viruses and flu illnesses are making the rounds right now - people around here have been getting pneumonia from it. And it's taking people a while to get over it. You need to eat right, drink lots of fluids, rest and recover. Worried about you being able to do that! I sure hope to hear things are better soon, for all of you. You are in my thoughts and prayers a lot.


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Sounds like you're having a really rough time of it. Sorry you and your family have so much to deal with. It's very overwhelming when problems start to pile up. Hope things improve.


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that is just way too much going on.  I'm so sorry you have to deal with so much all at once.  I'm glad your son is there to help, but it's still an insane burden.  If you can find something to laugh about in all of this, I salute you.  I think I'd be curled up in a ball in a corner somewhere. Please keep us posted (when you feel up to it) on how you are all doing.  Sending strength your way~Ann Alexandria

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Oh my goodness!  I'm so very sorry that you and your family has been going through such a terrible time.  I hope that you are feeling better soon and can get some well needed sleep.  Here's thought, maybe you and your husband can watch a funny movie together to release some of that stress.  (It might even make you smile once or twice.)  ;)

Take care, hugs (())


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I bet the words "nursing facility" would send him through the roof. If he can just stay out of the hospital long enough to make this Thursday's MDA appt. so we can find out if there's a treatment plan....................As for Medicare, he's been SS disabled and on it for many years. I suppose there's some type of home health care help available. I've not checked into it. I know if he continues to get sicker, I can no longer do it alone.

Chillin' out  and resting sounds so inviting. Unfortunately, it's past time for me to "chill" with all the income tax prep stuff. That's a crappy job, even when you're not feeling sick. LOL

JBG called and I'm afraid that any type of lung surgery is out. The tumors are on the warpath( 6 have now become 38) and have free reign without the Avastin, so she has made the decision for a spleen removal. It wiil be done, possibly this week or next and will be a very tough time. So hoping her platelets will soon respond and Avastin can be restarted. I passed worried and went into terror a long time ago. All I can do is hold her in my heart and hope that her God will be watching over her. Please, each of you who believe, pray for her.



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I am so sorry to hear all this! Yes, I thought that about the nursing facility as soon as I typed it, but there is a limit to how much a person can do, especially when sick yourself! And I'm just speechless about JBG's situation. My heart just aches for all of you. Of course, absolutely, prayers going as I type this, for JBG, for all of you. I understand the terror, and I understand when praying feels like pissin' in the wind. Thinking of you and wishing I could give you a hug and pot of soup.


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Simply want to say that  I am thinking of you and your entire family, and hope the dark clouds leave soon.

Hugs from California,

and from one Arizonian to another,


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Oh dear, yes, I will say a few prayers for your daughter.  You and your husband will be in my thoughts as well.

All my best,


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Oh my dear Lady, what a week.  I am so glad that both of you survived each ordeal!!!

Thank goodness for EMT's and SON'S!!!!

I was worried before I left on a mini-vacation that I hadn't seen from you, but didn't want to bother you because I knew you had your hands full.  But Good Lord, I didn't know they were that full, just trying to live!!!

So thankful you're back on the mend.  what a scary time for you!!!

Winter Marie

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(((HUGS)))      Something my nurses keep repeating to me  is that   I have to take care of  "me" first.    As a mom we tend to do that....want to take care of everything else  and then with left over energy we will take care of whatever we may need.      Hopefully things will work out on all fronts and things will settle back into a much easier routine for you.   

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I'm sending you love and aloha and praying for a break and some peace for your wonderful family.  Sooooooo  sorry you are having such a very difficult time.




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A man walks into a bar and says did you hear about the husband and wife who are deailing with viruses and cancer. Nope, not much humor in that one.  I really hope the two of you get better very quickly and back home in your bed both breathing a lot easier and a sigh of relief. 

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you both have been thru so much. so sorry & i hope things get better. prayers fpr both of you



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you are both in my prayers.

I hope your sense of humour is found, its at such testing times as you have had that its at its best.

I will pray you find some humour soon.



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about all this.  I have often wondered what would happen to Robert if something should happen to me....very scary thoughts.

Do check into home health or hospice...they can take a load off your shoulders and bring you some relief to get strong and well.

Praying for you and your family












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