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GRETA & CSN - How do we add to our favorites list? That option is gone now :(

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Joined: May 2009

I wanted to add a post to my favorite's list as mine are gone now and it is gone, not even an option anymore to add anything. 

Can you help us to get it back please?



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Megan M
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Joined: Dec 2009

My favorites are gone too Leeza and I don't see any way to add anyone's post to favorites again either.  I also see no way to add friends and really miss my messages from everyone.

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You can add favorite content from your "CSN Home." There is a link to add favorites under your friends list in the lower right hand corner. It takes you to a form where you put in the URL to the content you want to add. I haven't tried it yet but will confirm that it works correctly tomorrow. That said, I can see that the ability to add something to your favorites list is missing from each post/comment/etc. Thanks for pointing this out. I'll submit a ticket asking that it be restored.

Immediately after the upgrade, our favorites were missing. They were supposed to be restored to everyone. I know mine was restored. But I can't see anyone else's "CSN Home" to confirm whether other folks got theirs back. Each member's CSN Home is only visible to her/him. Is there anyone else whose favorites weren't restored?



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Posts: 3873
Joined: May 2009

Hi Greta!  I have no idea how to add a favorite post the way you said to from the home page.  I went there and I just drew a blank.  It was so much easier to just be reading a post on here, go to the top, and, Add To Favorites for the future.  Thanks for asking them to bring that feature back.  I hope they do.

Thanks, Leeza

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Joined: Aug 2009

My favorites are all still gone and I had saved many with lots of excellent tips and information.  I hope you can restore mine also.


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Joined: Jul 2009

Can you restore my favorites too please?  I hope you can put the site back to where we just click at the top on add to my favorites for the posts that we are reading at the time.



New Flower
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Joined: Aug 2009


please restore favorites for everybody 

it is major part of history and information resorse for me as well

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I agree with New Flower, please just restore everyone's favorites as I know everyone would like them back.

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Can you have the techs work on the friends list too Greta?  Put it back the way it used to be possibly?  The ones on the top of my list do not post anymore on this site and it takes forever to go thru them.  I also would like my favorites back on the site like they were.  They are all gone.





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Alexis F
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You can now add to your favorites from the posts.  Thank you for fixing that!



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