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Ask your Dr about getting seeyourchart.com

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My Dr office has it you pick a user name and pass work and see your whole chart from home anytime you like. All your blood work, reports on scans, x-rays, Appointments, The only thing you can't see are pictures like scans, X-rays, I love it. And it takes all the guess work out of everything. Ask you Dr to get it. It's wonderful

Take care


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They have this at my center too, but unfortunately, almost none of the physicians update it.  I only have one that ever uses it.  My doctor appointments are always in there, but, that is about it.

I just fill out a paper and get all of my medical records, doctors office visit and notes and test results at the records department right there at the center.  It's free and I pick them up when I go to town or have another doctor's appointment there. 

I hope this works for you as it is a great thing.



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Hopefully, my onc will have this, too.



Lynn Smith
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I wonder if nurses can get info on patients in some way.I know a few nurses who work at the hospital I go to and don't want them to know my business as far as my cancer and any other medical problems.I give the breast center doctors names I want to get my  mammo reports. 

Lynn Smith

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