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cysts on my liver

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 I have had a few scans over the past 3 years since my dx. A couple of scans ago they mention that there are cysts on my liver. The last scan I had it says that there are now 3 cysts on my liver but the others were unchanged. I have been researching this, of course! It sounds like it is normal and no big deal. The upsetting part is my dr has never talked to me about it. Even if it is no big deal why wouldn't you go over a scan with your patient and explain everything? My onc is making me so frustrated!!! He doesn't give me copies of the report on my scans, so I requested a copy of them so I could go over them and that is when I found out about all of this. Why would you not have a patient come in after a scan and go over the whole thing with them!!!! Is there a point that these cysts could turn and become cancerous? Is that something I need to check once in awhile? I have a spot on my rib that we are watching too. Thoughts?  Marianne 

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I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. Your Dr, should inform you about everything. I know I would want to know. I would not like any one to decide for me that it isn't important enough to tell me.

I just told some one else here that My Dr, office has a web site called seeyourchart.com You pick a user name and pass word and you can see all your records anytime you like Rx's, blood work, all reports, everything. Print, E-mail, or text your Dr, anytime. Maybe you can ask about getting it at your Dr office. I feel very informed being able to see it.

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I just realized your on twice sorry I posted to you twice.

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I have had scans that noted cysts on my liver, ovaries, tyroid and etc.  They don't seem to mean to much.  Nothing ever became of them and some now go back many years.  Whether they can turn or not is a question for your oncologist.

I pick up the results of my own scans, tests and etc.  If there is a problem, I will contact my oncologist immediately or within a few days to discuss my concerns.  If it is something that can wait, then I will talk it over at my next appointment.  

My oncologist knows I pick up my reports and we do discuss them.  There are times when there is little to discuss especially when the lovely words "stable" are the results of the scan.

If you have questions, I suggest that you write them all out and then go over them with your oncologist.  That is why you pay this doctor, to know the answers to your questions.  

Certainly would want to know about the spot on the rib.  I have rib mets, this is how it all began back in 2000.  

Wishing you a good doctor's appointment,



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As suggested  --  I would call for a consultation -- and request that Onco go over scan, and spots.  What a why to find out, and not be consulted is inexcusable.

Please update us when possible.

Prayers and positive thoughts.

Vicki Sam

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Kristin N
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I am so sorry Mariann and am sending positive thoughts and hugs!

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Marianne, the tests these days are so sensitive, it is often common for cysts and other things to show up.  Ask whether follow up is recommended.  I have lung nodules that I am tired of reading about now. My sister has liver cysts (the only sister without breast cancer).  They are following hers just because she has more than normal, I think.  Lol, she says, "This better not be from all of the sushi that I eat."  I'll keep you posted.  Good luck.  And, if your oncologist won't talk with you, remember that you can always jump ship and try another!

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Did you get a follow up appt. to talk about your tests?

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My thoughts are that you deserve and should know what your tests are all about and the results.  After all, you pay your doctor's salary and pay for the tests.  If you have to, get firm and demand an appointment to voice your concerns and to find out what is going on.  I wish you good luck.

Hugs, Debby

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