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Deadly Week

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Hello All,

I have been very ill and unable to post an update. Approx. Jan. 17, I came down with a stomach virus which put me under the table from severe diarrhea and flu like symptoms. Couldn't eat, but tried to stay hydrated. Tried to stay away from hubby also, but on Jan. 20, he started having trouble breathing. Morning of the 21st, we started to Emg. room. We each could hardly walk. He tried to climb up into the truck with my help and his legs wouldn't work and we both fell into the street. I managed to get up, but couldn't get him up, made it back into the house and called 911. Fire dept. came and 4 firemen got him up and into the truck. I managed to drive him to Emg. He was in CHF, so when he was stable, I headed back home.

The next morning, after worsening bathroom issues, I passed out. Tried to get to the couch. Didn't make it. Woke up with the cat rubbing my head. Managed to reach phone. Called my son and got the words "Help Me" out. He came, got me up, and stayed with me. Went to my doc two hours later. Blood work and EKG. Back home with "hydrate" instructions. Middle of night, lab calls telling me to go to Emg. Salt level and potassium critically low, with risk of seizure. Ended up in the hospital for four days(9 million bags of IV salt & potassium) with hubby on his own at different hospital. Poor son was back and forth between hospitals and lonely cat at home. Somewhere in there, the lung biopsy was done on hubby, all his meds readjusted again.

I got home on Saturday and hubby made it here Sunday, with a portable oxygen tank. Home unit was delivered a couple of hours later.  I now have a respiratory infection in bronchial tubes, lungs OK, but haven't slept in almost two weeks, even in hospital. Can only take shallow breaths.

Need to call MDA in morning to see if other hospital set up follow up. I had cancelled the scheduled biopsy and follow up when I took hubby to Emg. room.

Terrible time for both of us and am struggling to help him get around in the house. He is very weak. Our only help is our son who must attend classes all day Mon. & Wed., but is available to help all other times. Am hoping I have the strength to get hubby to MDA by myself, if need be. As a person who is NEVER sick, I'm having a hard time recovering. Can only hope the follow up will go well and MDA can work with the oxygen issue.

Will update again after follow up.



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WOW is about all I can say except that I'm glad that both of you are doing better and are out of the hospital.  Sounds like you had the "noravirus" (spelling) they have been talking about on the news all the time.  This virus is running wild like the flu right now and they say staying hydrated is very important.  Sure wish you could take it easy until you are well over this, but know that it is impossible.  Does hubby have a walker to use, that would be very beneficial for you both.

Best to you both, Sharon

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Sometimes I think that cancer will immunize me against the common illnesses: flu, bronchitis etc. But I guess Cancer is no protective shield. It's just the one step at a time. Nothing I can say will help much. But you do have quite a tale to tell. Perhaps, we should all learn from your story and attempt to plan for illnesses, as best we can. Rick.

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I am so sorry to hear of all of these issues....dear god.  What type of insurance ?  I know sometimes medicare will help with in home help.  Also alot of other insurances do this too.  I pray that you can get your strenghth and health back soon.  And your hubby too.  This happened to my parents when Mom was going through tx's and they got hit with the flu horrible.  I took a leave from work.....and ran between the two of them for a week.  Very scary !  You have alot of gumpsion for trying to do this on your own with your better half.  That tells me what a strong, loving person you are !  I also know that our local CSA have volunteer drivers to help out if need be.  Just a few ideas....but if you're like me you'll be determined to do it on your own.  Much love sent your direction, and will keep you both in my prayers !    Katie

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Headed your way..., stay a head as best you can.

I was low on potassium also, had me on some pills for 10 days if I remember?


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Ingrid K
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you two have sure been thru a lot of extra stuff.. 

Maybe there is a neighbor or church member that can assist you a little bit, until you get your strength back.

Don't be afraid to ask for help...Most folks would love to be able to do something for you....but they just don't know what.

Sending prayers your way.

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when it rains it pours!  I read what happened, and it's just mind boggling....I am so glad you both got to where you needed to be and in one piece (well, two pieces....one each Smile).  I'm praying you heal swiftly, and get over this bug...whatever it is, it sounds downright deadly in it's own right.  Glad to hear hubby made it home, too.....


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Gosh I am so sorry to hear about this! I wish I could help! There are so many on here who I know feel the same way. I wish our profile would list where we are located or at least have the option to list it. With so many of us on here there is bound to be someone local enough to help out.
I'm in So. California....I'm available if anyone here needs me.

Please continue to get better and rest up when you can.
Keep us posted.

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All I really got is wow.  When it rains it pours.  I hope you get some rest soon.  It is difficult to care for someone when you are sick, but even harder when you get sleep deprived.  I hope things turn around soon for you and your husband.

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so sorry you've been through such a rough patch. I am so glad you're son was so close! 

Hopefully you'll both be in much better health very soon.

take care,


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I went a round with the Norvovirus and it really kicked my butt.  What ever you have I hope it is over and you start feeling better.  Sometimes it feels like someone is testing us to see how much we can take.


Feel better,



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