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Natural Treatments

Kickin Butt
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HI just wanted to see what you all may think...I had stage 2 breats cancer 2 years ago and did a double masectomy and they found cancer in the lymph nodes and took them out...did double reconstruction...been feeling great then had a bout with bronchitis and had a chest Xray and they found a mass in the right lung. Went for a CT Scan with dye and now they want a biopsy...they say the mass is 3.7mm,, I am fearful of the biopsy.. here is a little history 6 months back I moved to Cancun for 3 months and lived in a old condo with mold...welll the more reshearch I do the more symtoms I have of Mold in the lungs...does anyone know anything about this? I am trying a;l;l natural stuff now as that is what I did for the breast cancer,,,just putting it out there to see if there has been any other simualar situations..thank you :)

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You owe yourself the biopsy (if in fact they're willing to do it; 3.7 mm. is pretty small). Guesswork isn't investigation.

Re. the natural treatments, my opinion is that if there were any evidence at all that they worked, somebody would have fame, fortune, and maybe the Nobel prize for discovering it. Plus your doctor would be prescribing them. If they won't hurt you and you're getting medical treatment, sure, go for it. But I wouldn't be depending on them as a substitute for the real thing.

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Hello, 3.7mm is way to small for a biopsy.  The normal procedure is to watch it and rescan in 3-4 months to see if it grows.  I had a 5mm which disappeared after 3 months.  Mold would grow quickly.  I hope its just inflammation and will be gone at the next scan.  Keep us posted.

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Hey I agree with Z on this one....I have adenoid cystic carcinoma (head and neck) but have issues with my lungs.  I have several small spots in my lungs that they will be watching forever.  They didn't biopsy until one was at least 3cm's.  Came back benign.  Yes black mold is NOT good for any of us !  I was also told by my pulmonologist that I live in a rural area, and those spots in my lungs could be what is deemed farmers lung.  But because I have a cancer dx they will continue to moniter the lungs.  I too think that you need to discuss this further with your onc.  Will be thinking good thoughts for you !    Katie

I forgot.....congrads on kicking as... on the breast dx.....you rock !


Kickin Butt
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Thank you for all the wonderful information..they have a biopsy booked and they keep saying givin my history they think it is lung cancer so maybe I will go for the biopsy,, my dr said to wait a month and would do a xray again and see if it has shrunk then proceed with biopsy if bigger or same...thank you again I kicked breast cancer I can do this lolCool 

Kickin Butt
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one more question for all that had spots in the lungs...what were your symtoms that made them do a xray ct scan?  mine are fever,night sweats,headache,coughing,pain throw out back,weight loss,sick to stomach,very very tired,cant breath for more than 2 hours without inhaler,sleeping and moving side to side results in no air and need inhaler...just wondering if anyone else has symtoms..thank you all very much

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I believe they will not biopsy anything under 1cm. Results are just not to easy to get.  They may watch and wait. I'm not a big proponate of watch and wait but see what the dr. says.


good luck xoxo


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jim and i
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I agree that given your symptoms and history a biopsy is needed. My husband had Base of tongue cancer. a small node was found on his right lung when he went for his PET. The doctors all said wait and see and rescheduled a CT for three months. Three months later the CT should numerous nodes in both lungs which meant no surgery. A Biopsy was done which sowed cancer.
Natural treatmment ie: nutrician and supplements can't hurt and are helping my husband keep the lung cancer at bay. His oncologist can't believe that my husband has no shortness of breath or pain and it has been over 6 months since they gave him less than a year to live. He keeps his body alkaline and drinks BarleyMax. Go to hacres.com to read more.

I pray they can treat the lung cancer if it is in fact cancer and your breathing gets better.


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In August of 2012 I went to an ER due to having chest pains. Chest x-ray was normal so a CT scan was done for further evaluation. I still showed no heart problems but I was given the news that I had an 11mm nodule one may left lung. Was referred to a Pulmonary doctor who did the CT scan in 3 months and the size had not grown. He still had concerns so tried a Bronchoscopy and PET scan with nothing to confirm if I had cancer or not. We set up an appointment with a Thoracic doctor who was absolutely certain that when he goes in to do a wedge resection it would be nothing. Surgery was set up to have the resection done. When I vac me out of surgery I had the lowenodule slung removed because 2 types of cancer had been found. My surgeon visited me the next morning ans stated that he absolutely fell off of his stool when the results came back cancerous. He also apologized to my husband and myself for getting our hopes up. I am very happy that I got a biopsy done instead of waiting for it to start growing.


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So were both new cancers lung primary?  what type of lung cancer? Small cell: lmited or extensive?   Non small cell: adenocarcinoma, squamous, large cell or one of the rarer ones?  If adenocarcinoma, did they test for mutations?

it is mind boggling that you should have two new cancers.  Will you have adjuvant chemo?

i pray all goes smooth for you.  

mind boggling
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So difficult for me to tell when are the Drs. going to tell you.....when and where it started. how to treat it. it is nerve wracking.

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If there is enlargement of the lymph nodes between the two lungs they become "suspicious".  They will biopsy the lymphnodes.  They really can't tell you when a tumor started but they can tell where. A lung tumor that has metasticized to the lung from another organ, the tumor has characteristics of that organ so they can tell you if the mets is from the colon or kidney for example.  

if they have not come up with a treatment plan yet call them and ask why.  Ooops.  Did you have the biopsy yet?

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