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2nd Line Treatment Option ?s for Stage IV Colon Cancer

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My 67 year old father (Stage IV Colon Cancer mets to liver & peritoneum) has finished 1 year on a clinical trial with 5FU + metmab or placebo. he only did 6 months of Oxiliplatin) after he had colon resection 11/2011. We've learned that his CEA is rising (I know some docs don't care about CEA) and that some of the lesions in the peritoneum are growing a bit according to his scans a couple of weeks ago. Good news was that the mets to the liver seem to be gone. We've decided to come off this treatment and look for 2nd line treatment. 

We are weighing our options between: 

1. Folfiri + the new drug Zaltrap

2. Clinical trial in Atlanta: http://www.cancer.gov/clinicaltrials/search/view?cdrid=69592

3. HIPEC surgery

Curious if anyone has used Zaltrap yet?
Participated in this 2nd line trial? 
And/or has done the HIPEC surgery? 

We are meeting w/the surgeon Monday at Emory to learn more about it and will make our decision in the coming days. My dad seems to be doing well and I know he is fighting hard. I left my life in DC and moved in with my mom & him in Northwest Georgia. My mom is continuing to work, so I serve as the caregiver or as my dad calls me "the warden." Not the easiest life for me, but I feel it's the right thing to do. 

Any and all thoughts would be appreciated.

Big hugs to all of you,

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I too am a stage 4, never had any surgeries...too many mets I was told. Been on mostchemos oover the years. The last one I was on was Zaltrap. I started it in September and had cat scan earlier this month which showed Zaltrap wasn't effective on the mets to the lungs. So my onc now has me on a new chemo pill calledStivarga.  It was just approved for colon cancer patients in August 2012. I take four pills a days for three weeks then get a week break. I pray it does somestood since there aren't other options. I pray your dad gets the correct treatment.  This cancer stuff is such a roller coaster ride.  Jeff

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Thanks for your reply, Jeff. I'm new to the message boards. I've relied entirely on my sister & my researching perservernce the past year and have a few oncologist friends who also help. I realize I want to hear more from fellow patients & caregivers. 

I have found keeping my dad on a pretty strict, healthy, at home diet and forcing him to exercise and stay positive has really helped. I believe it is a factor in the fight.

Wishing you the best of luck. 

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