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different chemo options

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Does anyone have experience with more than 2 different chemos?

Tomorrow I get the results of my CT scan after 4 Doxil treatments to see if it is working

I am in a high anxiety state

Am trying to tell myself that if it is not being effective, they will prescribe another one eg Gemzar, ...or other agents that I have seen on this site...cant remember names at the moment

My oncologist is continuing the Avastin, which I am tolerating well (alot better than my pocketbook!!)

I need reasurrance that if one chemo isnt working, there are other options

I feel fine except for ongoing fatigue


Please help me get back on a positive track mentally






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Hope you find out that the Doxil is working for you.  I am working on my third recurrence, so my. Oncologist has discussed different options that could be used if needed.  Luckily I am still able to take the taxol/cisplatin.  My cancer still responds to it, but as soon as I go off of it my marker rises.  Doxil and Gemzar and Avastin are ones he has mentioned.   It has been 8 months since my last chemo, so when needed I can go back on the taxol/cisplatin.  I go Tuesday for a repeat  CA 125.   I am hoping for a minimal rise.  I feel good and have very much enjoyed my chemo break.

hoping for good news for you tomorrow.   In peace and caring.

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Beila, I know that you suffer from extreme fatigue with the Doxil, but hope that your scan results show that it is working.  

I don't have any experience with different chemo treatments - I have only had Carbo/Taxol. But I wanted you to know that I'm over here in my little corner of the world, hoping that your scan shows significant shrinkage with Doxil/Avastin.







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Hi Beila:  I can just imagine your anxieties, all of us experience these gitters before we go for our tests.  I don't know anything about more than one chemo. I know that doxil from people I met in the infusion center that it is really effective.  Try to see how much you can keep the anxieties down, you may not need to add any more chemo, this may just be working for you.  I know how you are feeling and wish I could be there with you. Let's wait and see.  Best to you.

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Dear Beila,

I'm so sorry you're feeling anxious, but certainly understand what you're going through. I was a mess before my first chemo......and blood pressure shot through the roof due to my anxieties.

I'm praying for good results for you tomorrow. As far as the chemo options......I've always heard there's an arsenal of options out there. I can't speak from personal experience since I've only had taxol/carboplatin for my uterine cancer, but had cisplatin for my 1st cancer 6 years ago.

I did a google search and found that the common chemo's offered for uterine cancer are  combination chemotherapy with Taxol, cisplatin or carboplatin and Adriamycin, Doxil, or Topotecan in various doses and schedules.There may be more than these offered.......these are what I found.

But I'm hoping you find that what you've already had has done the job for you. There's no reason at this point to feel like it hasn't.

Holding your hand across the miles........


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Has anyone ever heard of Taxol once a week for 8-10 weeks


Even though the standard Taxol/Carboplatin every 3 wks did not work for me, my 

oncologist at Princess Margaret Hosp (leading Canadian cancer centre) says that sometimes

given weekly can be effective

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hi, my mother was getting carbo/taxol and that did not work, so she started to get doxil, but as of last week we moved he to this clinic that does cocktail chemo where they do 5-7 different chemos at one time. i spoke to a lot of patients there and they have had wonderful results. so look into that.

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Kathy G.
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Hi Beila!


I cannot offer you any advice on this subject since I have not been through it, but I can relate to the anxiety you are feeling. I am sending prayers and best wishes for relief from the anxiety and peace after finding the answer you need for your situation.

Best regards,


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