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in reading the boards my incontinence is at night - 1 pad in daytime and least when active 6mo post op. gone to vesicare 6 hours before bed. i have to set the alarm and get up several times a night or i wet the bed through briefs, curtail drinking at night. cant take ambien anymore either - seems to be the opposite of most other folks. I am 60 and in ok shape. I dream of a good nights sleep. i do leak swinging my legs out of the car or lifting one leg up although if i remember to tighten my sphincter first i am ok.. many times i am dry all day. any thoughts?



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Sometimes when youget past post op you forget to keep up the keegle exercises. Sleeping pills are not good.  Muscle relaxers are even worse.  Your bladder should still work.  It works during the day.  If you are drinking and taking pills then you will lose control.  

Maybe try quitting all liquids two hours before bed.  Keep a glass of water by bed, in case you get dry mouth from meds, otherwise if that does not work then try a workout before bed.

I wish you well.



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thanks Mike, been back on keegles, stop drinking 4 hrs before bed, need to try working out... might help me sleep too

thanks again


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I still kegal 3 X a day, 6 years since robotic.  I believe in it.  You only have one muscle left after one was removed, so ya' gotta keep it in shape.

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