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Giving recognition

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A short while ago I was reading a news board online and came across a book that peaked my interest, it was called "Knockout" by Suzanne Somers. This book included interviews with many doctors regarding cancer including one I was particularly interested in: Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who "pioneered the development and use of biologically active peptides (antineoplastons) in diagnosing, preventing, and treating cancer and other diseases".

I read about this in Newsmax Health online and attempted to purchase the book. I explained my brain has been out to lunch while on pain meds and Radiation treatment and consequently I messed up the order which somehow would have cost me $54. I asked them to please just charge me for the book as somehow I incurred another expense. The lady emailed me and said that not only would she fix the problem but she would send a copy to me free of charge, I told her about CSN and that I wished to thank her and to let her know I would pass on her act of kindness to CSN. I since have received the book and my a/c credited.

It is good to know there are people out there who look upon us with kindness and understanding. I thank you for your time and have no commercial interest in Newsmax Health just giving recognition.


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I'm glad that it worked ot well for you, and that she not only did the right thing, she went above and beyond... That speaks volumes for her, and by that, the company as well.

There are a few of us here that paid it forward in Cancer related books before.

After purchasing and reading a book, we would offer it up here to someone else that was interested and could benefit, only asking of them to pay it forward when finished...

LOL, I'm not asking you to do that, your post just reminded me...

Best ~ John

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This is a way cool story !  Thank you for sharing it !  We do have tons of people in the world that are awesome human beings...they never get the head lines or recognition !    Katie

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Hey Michael, thanks for the story, it's great to know that there are organizations that go out of their way to provide service beyond one's expectations.  The woman who you dealt with, no doubt, was compassionate, and also reflected the company culture.


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Special time and special lady. 

thanks for sharing the wonderful experience


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Thats a great idea John, I would be more than happy to pass it on when finished reading it, you just may have rekindled a trend....heh heh. Hopefully my chemo brain won't take too long to finish the book.

regards Michael

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Pam M
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Love it when people are caught doing good things.

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