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Anyone has mild side effects taking Xeloda Chemo pills???

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My husband will begin taking daily Xeloda Chemo pills for five weeks.  Has anyone had just mild side effects? Please share your experience. Thank you kindly!

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he had a xeloda holiday and felt great, he was at the german clinic with me. he went back on xeloda on return to sydney and mentioned his depression.

i had not heard this side effect before, just red blisterinmg feet. We had an abba party at the clinic and he danced and sang in an unforgetable way.

I would be interested in others replies, i was supposed to be on xeloda as of a week ago, but my tumours went missing on the last pet.



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No problem with Xeloda it was a breeze for me.  Xeloda was a kind drug for me. No depression or mental or physical ill affects at all.   (never heard of Xeloda causing depression, that may have been due to cancer fight from Pete's friend).

here's to your husband doing well on Xeloda!

Winter Marie

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I've been on Xeloda for a while now and have had no problems except mildly sore feet.  I have heard of people who do have a terrible time with their feet. After hearing all the chemo horror stories, I feel extremely blessed to have a treatment that has gone so well.  Best of luck!


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I had very mild nausea and mild fatigues. Eventually I ended up with very sore feet, but that was after I'd been on Xeloda for months and months.


Good luck! May he be one of the lucky ones!



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Just xeloda was just a slight discomfort sort of like when you're just beginning to get sick, a big of fatigue. Other than that, it was pretty easy.  Xeloda mixed with other chemos/radiation wasn't so great.

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I had stomach and abdominal pain with xeloda.  Digestion was off......other than that and some fatigue it was good


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the side effects for me are not bad, it does make my stomach a little upset if i dont eat before i take the pills and my feet actually are peeling because of it.  they are a little sore at times to so it makes it harder to walk or be on my feet for a long time.  but i didnt start feeling those side effects until after i was on it for a few months.

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