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Brain Mets: Stereotactic Radiation?

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I hope this doesn't double post.  I am not understanding the trimmed versus the full version in the preview of this email I am writing.  If it does, apologies.

If anyone has any experience with stereotactic radiation for brain mets I kindly request they post or send me a pm.  

My husband has recently been diagnosed with two brain mets. He has had constant chemo of various regimens since January 2010 and while it has held back fully his liver mets ... his lung mets continue to progress ... and now the spread to the brain.  We are to meet with a neurosurgeon and radiation oncologist this next week.  

I am partcularly interested in how others faired with this type of radiation procedure, the fitting of the halo device to the skull, and also the required administration of steroids to control inflammation and edema. 

I am sorry I do not post more.  It feels badly to post when just in personal need, but I could use some help.

Thank you kindly,



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Hi there...I am no expert on radiation as I have never had treatments, however, in my own search for answers I was told by a close friend about her sister who had mets to the brain.  She would go in periodically, get a treatment of only a few min. and she would do just fine with it.  She did this for 16 years with no difficulties!! The mets would pop up and they would treat them right away and off she would go again. She has had a long and otherwise healthy life.  She was just telling me this story again this morning over breakfast.  I wish I could give you more specifics, but hope this information somehow helps.

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Yes ... Hoping it goes well.  That is wonderful to hear that your friend's sister did so well with radiation treatments. Best to you and thanks again.  Cynthia

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He can do this. Steroid is challenging but overall not bad.

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I had three brain mets about one year ago. I had stereotactic radiation first on all three spots. This was followed by whole brain radiation (WNR), designed to wipe out any small nasties that might be there but not yet visible. I will not lie to you: the fitting of the halo to the skull was pretty awful -- really hurt. And the device is kind of barbaric. But, you know, it only hurt for a little bit and I do laugh about it now. The radiation itself was fine -- lasted a bit longer than I thought it would (?an hour? for 3 mets). I didn't have any side-effects from the stereotactic. I did have some side effects from the WBR (dysgraphia while typing and balance issues) but they went away -- as my doctors assured me they would. Steroids were OK -- didn't bother me much. I had to go on anti-epilepsy medication which I am still on. I wasn't allowed to drive for ?3 months. Or drink alcohol for about the same (and only a glass or two of wine now).Good luck!!


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