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Went to a dutch swap meet today....

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... in the southern part of The Netherlands...went through FAST,

So, instead of driving right back...we decided, instead, to have lunch in Germany!  We had pork roulade, red cabbage, and potatoes with a lovely brown gravy!

Gotta LOVE the geography of Western Europe!!!!

(We filled up on gas...20 Euro cents per liter cheaper than in Holland...and bought some German liverwurst and some smoked meat...mmmm!)


Hugs, Kathi

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Sounds like your having a great time. You deserve it. Can't wait till the next post!!

Have fun..

Take care



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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Kathy, it sounds like so much fun! I hope you keep having such a great time.



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the kind of fun day you deserve.



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Actually, the swap meet was better than that.  First of all, I must tell you that neither the Dutch nor the Germans are very good at spontaneous laughter...and, well, to put it short....I AM!!!  So, I laughed loudly at an experience while we were there, and infected other people there as well...first stares, and then, when I explained, with smiles...

I was negotiating a price for some stuff, in my best Dutch (which, BTW, is getting VERY MUCH better!).  The seller responded with something, I understood the 5 but not the 50 (cents).  I asked her twice, and then said (in Dutch)..."I only know 2 languages, Dutch and English and my Dutch is not very good...I don't understand what you are saying!" (mind you, with a smile on my face...).  She then smiled, and switched to Dutch/English...she said "Oh, I thought you were German!"  (I have much family from Germany originally, and, with my dark brown hair and eyes, and square chin, this is not the first time I have been mistaken for being German).  So, that, of course, started a chat about me coming from So California, and we live here in The Netherlands 6 months of the year...etc...and she complementing me on my Dutch....

For the rest of the walk, I was smiling...and telling my story...the Dutch LOVE to speak English...and I love to interact...so, it's always a win/win!  (except one German guy who, after running into something, and I sort of comiserated with a chuckle along with his female companion, gave me SUCH a LOOK!!!)....

Hugs, Kathi

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Makes me want to go eat lunch. Although other people's cooking is always better than mine but there is an ice storm on the way so don't want to get into that.


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Kathi your adventures in travel are always fun and uplifting to read about~ I would so love to have been in your company of the afternoon hitting those sales!! I can only imagine the unique goodies you come home with~


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hear every delicious detail of your ADVENTURE!    

I miss you so much ... :)

Vicki Sam

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