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Bloody drainage, and biopsy

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I had forgotten to say I had my surgery the 5th of Nov. THE doctor took the last drain out the last of Nov. It has been drained just about every week sense the surgery. The last had the dark bloody drainage. My test results came back today. The blody drainage came back ok but the biopsy came back positive, the cancer is back.They are going to do surgery in two weeks then he said they was giong to blast it with radiation. The doctors won't risk chemo because of other health conditions. I raised my arm to get something off the shelf, it felt like something tore or pulled a part. i wondered if that could have caused the bloody drainage. I had the cancer five years ago and they did a lumpectomy. The cancer of August 2012 they took a large amount of my breast off. The cancer on the 5th of Nov. they done the mastectomy. This cancer surgery will be in two weeks.  they will do the radiation. I am getting so tired and feel very weak. Does any one else feel weak and very tired?  I am not doing reconstrution. Any ideas for me?

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I don't have any brilliant ideas, but I just wanted to say how very sorry I am that you are having such a rough time.  Ask your physician about Reach to Recovery, an organization that helps after mastectomy with gentle exercises. 

Even though it sounds crazy, exercise may be the best solution for fatigue.  I am not talking about a marathon--just getting up and walking a bit, and then walking a little more the next day and so on.

Is your cancer estrogen receptor positive?  If it is, even though you can't do chemo, hormone therapy may help???

Sending you big (((hugs))) and praying that you feel better soon!

P.S. What did the surgeon think of the bloody drainage?  Sometimes a thick, very dark blood clot will form around the drainage tubing and you can see it when the tube is pulled (especially at the flap at the end of the tube).  If it is not bright red, active bleeding, it sounds as if it may have been clotting around the tube, which is fairly common and normal.

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The drainage wasn't a clot he drew the bloody drainage out with a needle and tube, had it tested it came back no cancer, the area he biopsies near the incision came back cancer. I have COPD and on oxygen 24 hours a day, and heart disease and insulin dependant diabetic. he said there is steroids in chemotherapy and my sugar runs very high. The steroids would make it go to high to be safe, or my lungs are not in good shape to withstand it. These was some of the reasons. Angiosarcoma is a rare cancer brought on by radiation treatments from cancer I had in 2005. The cancer lays dormant for around five years then comes out it is in the blood cells and always comes back. Nothing seems to work against radiation cancer. I thought it was strange when he said after this surgery he was going to blast it with radiation. The radiation treatments are what caused this cancer and the cancer in August. He said it was the only chance. This cancer doesn't give up. Only one percent of the nation gets it. Before he drained me the last time I lifted my arm to get something off the shelf it felt like something under my arm pulled a part or tore. It hurt really bad then for a few days. I told him he didn't say anything. I wonder if I did hurt myself and that's the cause of the bloody drainage? I can move my arm in any direction. I am active. He has had to drain it every week from the last of Nov, when he took the tubes out. I am wondering if after this next cancer surgery if he will still be draining it? How long should there be fluid to drain?
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Yep, I do feel week and tired.  I often take naps during the day, and don't get much physical exercise.  But I do have more energy when I get a good night's sleep, and a little gentle execise helps too.  And of course, drink plenty of water.

Best wishes with the surgery, I hope it goes smoothly and that your recovery is swift and sure.  For the radiation, be sure and follow your doc's advice for skin care.  I've done rads twice.  The original rads was on my chest, 44 rounds 2x a day.  I used aloe that time.  About a year later I had brain rads and used calendula on my skin.  Personally I think the calendula was much better, if you go that route it's available at whole foods and natural food stores.  But of course, ask your rads doc.






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