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Enlarged lymph nodes

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the otehr day I went to my family doctor for few reasons:

  • sever night sweats
  • weakness and being tired at all time
  • loss of appetite
  • random itch all over my body

she wanted to do a blood test and she checked my neck and groin and she said i'd like to send you for ultrasound.

i did the ultrasound and after a week went back to see the doctor and she said the result shows some lymph nodes that are enlarged few of them over 1.5 cm

she said it could be either infection or cancer, well she tried to put it nicer but basicaly that's what she meant. my blood work wa fine and didn't show any abnormality. 

so she is sending me for another ultrasound in 6 weeks to see if these lymph nodes are growing or not.

just waiting for this 6 weeks to go by.

I've only shared this with my housband and nobody else. i don't know if it is cancer or not. but i'm thinking what if after 6 weeks they didn't see any changes on these lymph nodes.... well obviously it's not normal to have enlarged lymph nodes and if you have no infection... what is next for me? these days doctors don't do much till you are on your deathbed! they jsut push you away casuse they don't take anything serious casue they don't get paid enough to care 

basicay you have to do your research and but you are so limitied cause you can not go see a specialint on your own and need a referal.......

very frustrating

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You did not mention your age range, or how long you have had these symptoms. That would help. Although those nodes are not giant, and certainly could be from a viral or fungal infection (which the antibiotics would not touch), the rest of your symptoms, in this combination, sound a little more concerning. Is doctor an internist? If not, I would ask to see one. Where are the nodes located? If in your neck or head, I would consider seeing an ENT. Any fevers or unexplained weight loss? I would ask to be tested for mononucleosis and Epstein-Barr virus. If more nodes pop up, and symptoms worsen, do not wait. Pay out of pocket if you must. It's your life, after all!

I found a single node behind one ear and, very uncharacterisitically for a man, went right to the doctor. Big family history of cancer on dad's side. I got antibiotics and anti-anxiety meds! After several mis-steps by that new doctor, I bailed out of there and struck out on my own. Long story short: I had a lot of cancer. Bad cancer. Through a succession of miracles, I am here, coming up on 5 years later. But you, as with me, have to be your own advocate. Be the squeaky wheel.   

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I would go get a second assessment NOW.  Not in a frantic, scared manner, but I would not wait.  Doctors are respectul and understand second opinions, and you will cause no offense to your current physician.

I had NO symptoms of lymphoma; my case was discovered by accident in a heart scan.  But, I had extensive, Stage 3 disease. Your presentation is close enough to numerous classic lymphoma symptoms to warrent an immediate review, in my layman's opinion. It cannot possibly hurt.


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Welcome Hedi.  You'll find great folks here.  I agree with the others - get this checked out soon.  The symptoms are pretty classic but it could be something else which I hope is the case :).  I know this is scary but we'll be here for you.  Please know you are not alone no matter what.

Hugs- Jim

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HI Hedi,

I had similar symptoms to those you are having and I had to run after the doctor to get a biopsy. I also went to see an oncologist just to have a second opinion and sure thing the moment he examined me he told me there was a possibility for cancer, which my initial doctor had made me believe the possibility of cancer was almost impossible. Get a second opinion. I had fingers crossed for an infection for over 2 months but my lymph nodes kept growing and the pain became unbearable. I’ve been diagnosed with Lymphoma Hodgkins type (they keep telling me I’m lucky to have that one, but I would rather have a cold). Go get a second opinion, these doctors work for a paycheck most of the time and the patients are the ones that suffer. Best of luck to you.  

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I don't think most doctors are either neglegant or greedy, just rushed for time and perhaps superficial on occasion. The average doc sees minor illnesses all day long, and is trained to diagnose based upon probabilites: What condition best matches the symptoms, etc.  Insurance companies are also squeezing them hard to minimize obscenely expensive tests.  Still, it is true that there are many accounts here of patients presenting with cancer and being brushed off as a minor infection or something of the sort.  Sadly, at times it even costs people their lives.  You are right: Get second opinions, and drive your treatment yourself.

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I agree with all the comments about getting a second opinion. Docs do their best but they don't always know what's best. Rather than waiting I would find a doc who who do a biopsy right away. Good luck to you!

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